Great News from China! Featured

Friday, 11 March 2016 10:21

Here are several stories of good news out of our Chinese churches:

Songs of Kingdom

About 100 song leaders came together to the Greater China Song Leaders' Training Workshop held in Hualien, Taiwan at the end of October 2015.

In this three-day training camp, the song leaders learned about convictions of worship, singing Sunday arrangements, singing and personal growth as well as singing and evangelization. One of the special features in this workshop was that all song leaders had a time to meditate in the amazing natural beauty of the Taroko National Park and even sang in the big valley with staggering natural echoes. It let them feel encouraged and loved by God.

Greater China Song Leaders ConferenceIn order to unify the singing worship in Greater China, we set up the “Greater China Singing Preparatory Committee.” It empowers us to share resources and maintains good communication within churches.

Moreover, we are very thankful for the Taiwan Church of Christ for developing the Songs of Kingdom Mobile App, which is a very helpful tool for the disciples. This new mobile app supports lyrics in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. It also provides music scores, recording and songs sharing functions. It brings singing worship experience to the next level!

We welcome all the Chinese disciples around the world to download it!

Flying Eagles internshipThe Flying Eagles

Twenty-two zealous campus graduates and singles postponed their plans to find jobs (some even quit their jobs) to participate in the “Flying Eagles Project,” which is a short-term internship for four months. They received evangelism and life training, devoted themselves to study the Bible with non-Christians in a daily basis, and even learned to organize a conference.

Being an intern is challenging. Some of them said that they knew it was not easy but never thought that was so difficult. However, they did not withdraw. On the contrary, they prayed for courage to overcome all hardships and let God change their hearts and beat their own weaknesses.

Within these four months, the Flying Eagles have shared the gospel with 14,000 people and through their love and persistence, we witnessed more than 10 baptisms and restorations! After this project, eight brothers and sisters among them continued the internship to keep dreaming for the kingdom of God. 

City on a HillGreater China Newsletter on WeChat and Facebook

Greater China Newsletter has been serving all Chinese disciples, sharing life stories and good news among the China region. From now on, we will provide electronic versions on WeChat and Facebook. Please download WeChat (search for 山城报) and like our Facebook page so that you can be encouraged by our good news, to grow and be zealous for God spiritually!

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