Lessons from IGNITE: 2017 Asia Pacific Discipleship Conference Featured

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 10:35

igniteThe 2017 Asia Pacific Discipleship Conference of the International Churches of Christ (ICOC) culminated with ignited hearts on July 23, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay, Metro Manila. The venue was filled with over 6,000 attendees including over 4,500 registered disciples from the Philippines and across the globe and approximately 1,500 visiting friends and families. At the final session and worship service of the three-day conference, Koko Enrile, the lead evangelist of ICOC Philippines, concluded the event by encouraging the participants to rekindle God’s dreams for their families and the world.

The road to Emmaus

On July 21, 2017, the Ignite conference kicked off on a high note, with an astounding opening production and a stirring message preached by Cesar Lopez, who used to be the lead evangelist of ICOC Philippines. Sharing from Luke 24:13-32, Cesar revealed how he needed this ‘road to Emmaus’ to get back on track especially during those times when things didn’t turn out as expected or as planned. This ‘road to Emmaus’ refers to discipling relationships which God strategically placed in our lives to ignite our hearts and beat for God once again.

The Ignite good deed challenge

As set apart by God, Cesar shared how good deeds can make a huge difference in another person’s life. He shared how good deeds can in fact save others, how even a four-year-old child was able to reach out to a family because of her good deed. As a challenge, he asked the disciples to start putting good deeds into practice, first by posting the name of the person/s they want to reach out to on http://icoc.ph/prayers and then to start praying for them.

Igniting faith, hope and love

The second day of the conference was jam-packed with life-changing lessons and practicals that were targeted based on status, gender, and physical and spiritual age. For the women, Jennifer Lopez and Saun Galang, former women’s ministry leaders in ICOC Philippines, shared how God’s love and his purpose ignite our faith and how God’s grace can change our hearts and help us persevere. The marrieds’ ministry were encouraged by couples Chester and Sirikit Umaguing and Charlie and Meek Young Yi to invest in building long-lasting intimacy and to be holy and devoted in their marriages. Likewise, for the physically and spiritually ‘older’ disciples, they were motivated by the speakers to prepare for and overcome midlife and to allow past experiences to give us hope and push us forward.   

Igniting fellowship

The Ignite conference was not complete without the chance to fellowship with new and old friends from other ministries, sectors and churches. In between classes, during the cultural presentations, and at the Bignite White & Denim Singles Mixers Party on the second day of the conference, the fellowship continued to ignite the hearts of the participants as they shared their lives and experiences with each other. It was also a chance to digest the lessons together to make them more meaningful and impactful in each other’s lives. 

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