It’s all Greek to me!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 13:46 is a Christian site and is designed with care and deep love for God’s Word, in order to provide Greeks and Greek speaking disciples with enriching knowledge through a variety of studies, up to date news, videos, and audio sermons. All in Greek!

It can also be used by disciples to help other Greek seekers (ie: family members), by using the First Principles Studies, Follow up studies, and also studies on deeper Theological/Religious issues.



The site is up and running, so feel free to use it as much as possible, and share it to as many as possible! Also, any Greek disciple who is willing to be a helping hand in writing (or translating) studies, do please let us know of your talent and desire to serve! Click here for the website >>>

DisciplesToday, The Athens Support Team (Boston) ,and the disciples in Athens pray that this will increase not only your knowledge but most importantly your love for God and the lost.




May The Lord be with you / Ο Κύριος μεθημών,


Theofanis (Athens-Greece)

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