The “With Jesus” Life - Message by Dr. Steve Kinnard

Monday, 20 May 2013 15:07
SKinnard“That was the best message I ever heard on serving.” This quote was overheard from those who were blessed as God used Steve Kinnard to deliver an incredibly powerful message to conclude the HOPE worldwide Global Summit during the Sunday worship service on May 5, 2013 in Reston, Virginia. The 350 Summit attendees worshipped with the host Northern Virginia Church of Christ.

You can watch Steve’s message below.

And after the video, we have shared the spoken word verse used in his powerful conclusion.


The “With Jesus” Life[1]                    January 2013

Jesus through the night. 

Jesus at sunrise. 

Jesus when the alarm rings.

Jesus with the first cup of coffee. 

Jesus in our quiet time. 

Jesus in our morning workout.

Jesus as we leave the house. 

Jesus on the morning commute.

Jesus in the work place.

Jesus on the campus.

Jesus when we take a test. 

Jesus at lunchtime. 

Jesus during the afternoon slump. 

Jesus on the commute home. 

Jesus at the dinner table. 

Jesus on a relaxing evening.

Jesus on the golf course. 

Jesus on the football field. 

Jesus playing X-Box. 

Jesus at the movies. 

Jesus at Starbucks. 

Jesus at the mall.

Jesus in the living room. 

Jesus when we’re far from home. 

Jesus when we are surfing the Net. 

Jesus when we answer email.

Jesus in our text messages. 

Jesus when we’re on the phone.

Jesus when we serve the poor.

Jesus when we see a need.

Jesus when we heal a hurt.

Jesus when we help the weak.

Jesus when we reach the lost.

Jesus when we stop and listen. 

Jesus when we encourage a friend.

Jesus when we go to bed. 

Jesus when we sleep. 

Jesus when we dream. 

Jesus when we wake up. 

Jesus for each new day. 

Jesus in every single thing we do. 

Jesus in every word. 

Jesus in every conversation. 

Jesus in every joke.

Jesus in every comment. 

Jesus when we sneeze.

Jesus in every moment. 

Jesus in every space. 

Jesus in every place. 

Jesus in every relationship. 

Jesus with mom and dad. 

Jesus with our spouse. 

Jesus with our kids. 

Jesus with our neighbors. 

Jesus in every action. 

Jesus in every inaction. 

Jesus when we’re alone.

Jesus with our enemies. 

Jesus with our friends.

Jesus when we’re up or down. 

Jesus when we’re gray or blue. 

Jesus when we are on top of the world. 

Jesus when the world’s on top of us. 

Jesus in good times. 

Jesus in bad. 

Jesus in feast. 

Jesus in famine. 

Jesus in joy. 

Jesus in sorrow. 

Jesus in ecstasy.

Jesus in tragedy.

Jesus in pleasure.

Jesus in pain.

Jesus in strength. 

Jesus in weakness.

Jesus in smiles. 

Jesus in frowns. 

Jesus up,

Jesus down,

Jesus right,

Jesus left,

Jesus forward,

Jesus behind,

and Jesus in between.

Jesus inside,

Jesus outside,

Jesus upside-down.

Jesus three-sixty.

Jesus twenty-four seven.

Jesus with us. 

The “With Jesus” Life.

Jesus, Jesus I love thee. 

What a friend we have in Jesus.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

Jesus is all the world to me.

Jesus loves me this I know.

Jesus keep me near the cross. 

Take the world but give me Jesus.

Jesus lover of my soul.

Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go.

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus.

I have decided to follow Jesus. 

Clothed in Jesus.

Wrapped in Jesus.

Enveloped in Jesus.

Encircled in Jesus. 

Enmeshed in Jesus.

Engulfed in Jesus.

And even Embalmed in Jesus.


Come, Oh Lord. 

Come quickly, King Jesus. 

[1] I based these thoughts on the conclusion of a sermon by Ray Pritchett of Keep Believing Ministries. 

You can find the original at

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