Q: Is the Origin of Christianity Based on a Myth? Featured

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 11:51


christianityHello, can you respond to R.G. Price's articles about the origin of Christianity?


We at Apologetics Research Society (ARS) sponsored a debate with Robert Price, so we are veryy well aware of his position.   I have spoken to him personally.   Let me make this suggestion.   You should get a hold of a copy of our debate with Price titled Jesus: Man, Myth or Messiah?  

Click here for a review of the debate.

I am providing some links from the web site which are answers to various claims raised by Price and others.   If you do a search on the site for “Price” you will see that I have answered more than a dozen questions related to the claims you found at the web site above.   Please let me know if this is not sufficient.  The very short version is this.  These bogus claims that Jesus is a mythical creation of the early church are based on cherry picking, outright fabrication and use of materials from after the time of Jesus.  This is plain and simple bad scholarship and no amount of letters after his name makes Robert Price's arguments credible.

John Oakes



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