"Why Do the Nations Rage?" Theme for International Teaching Seminar

Tuesday, 13 January 2009 04:38

How can we all get along? That's the question people are asking around the world in all aspects of life. Our Father wants his children to live in harmony and has given us the answers in the Scriptures. The 2009 International Teachers Seminar will explore the Bible on this crucial subject in August in Atlanta. Beginning this year the ITS is being led by the ICOC Ministry Education and Teaching Service Team.

“Why Do the Nations Rage?”

International Teaching Seminar

Atlanta, Georgia

August 14-16, 2009

The International Teaching Seminar (ITS) has been in existence since 1995, under the leadership of Douglas Jacoby. It has been held in various spots around the world, including the United Kingdom, Israel, France, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Italy and various cities in the United States.

A few months ago the idea was put to Douglas to have the Ministry Education and Teaching (M.E.A.T) team put together the ITS beginning in 2009, with Doug and his crew taking care of the administrative side of the conference. This should be a mutually beneficial arrangement, considering his heavy load with AIM and other speaking and writing engagements. We all agree on the need for a broader development base to serve teaching and training needs in our churches.

For this first joint venture, Douglas and Steve Staten are working closely on “Why Do the Nations Rage?” to be held in the Atlanta area in August. This event is meant to draw our affiliated congregations and guests to a seminar on how God sees relational problems in the world. Our intention is to further examine the facts: that long ago God gave us answers in the Bible to the issues of "getting along."

The speakers were selected for their topics according to their education, expertise or experience using the Bible for ultimate answers. We will address matters such as dealing with one’s enemies, God's hope for hostile nations, the dangers of veiled class divides, and the imperative of the great commission to reach people different than us. We are meeting near Atlanta, the cradle of America’s Civil Rights movement. It is fitting that we discuss the evolution of racial separation in worship in America, because Sunday morning continues to be its most segregated hour.

The sessions will be solution-oriented and gospel-focused, rather than issue-oriented, as we seek answers that are biblical, timeless and beyond geography. Saturday’s session will include a structured panel discussion.

It is our hope that attendees will feel more equipped to use the Bible for solving these crucial relational problems. We will have a series of studies to go along with the weekend. The main addresses, subject to change, are:

NO DIFFERENCE IN THE FARE——————————————————--Ben Barnett
THERE IS NO SCYTHIAN IN CHRIST————————————————Steve Staten
THE WOLF WILL DWELL WITH THE LAMB——————————-——Aziz Abu Sarah

More information on registration will be posted on DisciplesToday.org and on www.icocco-op.org

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