Learning Lessons from History : AIM - Kiev Report

Saturday, 09 May 2009 08:36

There were about 100 ministers - both paid and non-paid who gathered in Kiev on the 7th of April. They came from all over the Ukraine and there were representatives even from Moldavia, Byelorussia, Lithuania and Latvia. We all came together as students of Athens Institute of Ministry or AIM-Kiev.

This time Dr. Douglas Jacoby our brother and a gifted teacher came to Kiev to teach us Church History and Worldviews. It was great to learn more about the ancient church, how courageous and faithful our brothers and sisters were. How they went through the suffering and took a stand for their precious convictions.

No less amazing was to hear about many many branches that grew through the centuries on the tree that was planted on the day of. And though the teaching of the church was damaged in every generation there seemed to be people who tried so hard to restore the Biblical foundation and hold on to it even to the point of death.

We watched how easily and gradually - step by step -  the teaching of Christ was replacing by the humanistic rules, how much it hurt the church when it got united with government, what a huge danger the arrogance brings and how serious a challenge is for all of us now - to keep our first love, not to quench the Spirit, to  hold on to the Word.

At the end of the course Doug called all of us to study history, to study God's Word and to preach the Word without apology and hypocrisy.

After immersing into the Church history for 2 days we had yet another 2 great days to swim into deep waters of World Views that are in fact appeared to be so shallow in comparison to the Truth of the Living God. It was impressive how similar the idolatry  of the Canaan was to today's views that hinder people from seeking real God in our modern times.

The next week after Douglas left Kiev and went to Moldavia, we had a big staff meeting where many brothers and sisters were sharing how the Church History and Worldview courses impacted them both as disciples and as ministers. Everyone was so excited to have knowledge to accompany our zeal. We are looking forward to seeing Doug  - hopefully another time this year. We are willing to learn the lessons of history.

Masha Lyahshenko
Student of A.I.M.-Kiev

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