ACR Begins "The Commonwealth Academy"

Thursday, 27 January 2011 09:11

The Hampton Roads Church has just launched a new training and teaching ministry for the American Commonwealth Region.

A current series of Expository Sermons on the Gospel of Matthew is available in a podcast on iTunes. Here is the link

There are lots of great courses and resources, including...

  • CrossBearers (foundational studies for recently baptized disciples)
  • DiscipleMakers (training for more effective evangelism)
  • TentMakers (training for the Aquilas and Priscillas of our churches who help lead our churches whether or not employed by the church)
  • NetMenders (resources for greater self discipline), BodyBuilders (deliberate training for Bible Talk Leaders)
  • MeatEaters (solid food congregational teaching for the spiritually mature) and...
  • eMANcipators (support groups for freedom from sexual sin). I've also made available plenty of resources for Corporate Repentance.
The link for the Commonwealth Academy site is

In Christ,

Ed Anton

posted by Jerry Maday, Worcester, MA

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