Report on Missionary Trip to Asia, January, 2008

Thursday, 14 February 2008 02:51

John Oakes and his son Ben spent a life changing time in China, Thailand and other Asian lands. People being so different, yet so unified with a global family provides "Living Evidence" for Christianity!

My son Ben and I left for Hong Kong on January 2. Hong Kong is a very modern and VERY crowded city of about seven million. It is a prosperous and modern city which has weathered the change of government from the UK to China in 1997 fairly well. The downtown section is on Hong Kong Island which has as a backdrop a beautiful mountain. The church we visited has about 1800 members. There is an endless variety of interesting and delicious food here which bears little resemblance to the Chinese food eaten in restaurants in the US. We spent the greatest amount of time with Aaron Chow who is an evangelist and teacher for the church and his wife Theresa. The church here has an organized teaching ministry called Oasis. Members of this group include the fairly young David and Kalun as well as Mike and Lorinda and a more mature couple Turner and Elizabeth. I taught classes for Oasis on God and Science and Archaeology and the Bible.

From there, we traveled to a bustling city where Red Dragon #1 church meets. The churches in mainland China are underground. It was a truly striking experience to teach for a church which does not meet legally. The church here almost never meets together for

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