2016 Biblical Study Tour with Douglas Jacoby & Steve Kinnard

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 10:43

For those who love the Scriptures, the Biblical Study Tour opens a panorama of both history and imagination. The BST takes us to places of biblical significance (for both testaments) and can literally change the way we read God's Word. Tour leaders: Drs. Douglas Jacoby (Atlanta) & Steve Kinnard (New York).


There's a lot of talk about doing what Jesus would do (WWJD?), but how about walking where Jesus walked? Vicki and I would like to invite you to join our annual tour in 2016 -- this time we return to Israel from October 24-31, 2016.

Benefits of joining the tour:

  • Your faith will be strengthened. You will no longer have to only imagine what the biblical world looks like; now you can remember!

  • The fellowship is invigorating. Make new friends from around the globe.

  • Your heart will fill with memories to last you the rest of your life.

  • The Bible will come to life, taking on a new dimension, as you better your grasp of history, geography, archaeology, and the movement of the biblical story.

  • Equipped with a more solid understanding of scripture, your confidence in talking to others will grow.

You've thought about these locations for years; now's your chance to experience them -- or to experience them anew, if this will be a return visit.

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