Thursday, 11 January 2018 23:32

OYC: More Baptisms

Two disciples, Dillon and Chelsea, volunteered several years ago for an OYC. This past Sunday, we saw God bless their faith with two more friends baptized at the OYC sites where they went to serve.

oyc baptismsDisciples taking the One Year Challenge started both of the churches where these two baptisms took place. Dillon first met Luke (above) in one of the student cafeterias on a university campus. Chelsea, who recently returned to the U.S. to get married, met Daisy.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017 22:42

Celebrate Baptisms in Alabama and Tennessee

tremayne parkerTremayne Parker, known as Parker, confessed that Jesus is Lord and was baptized on October 8. Parker is an Alabama native from the town of Union Springs. He works as a correctional officer for the Bullock County Prison. A year ago, Parker met Markeya Thomas through mutual friends at a birthday party, and she invited him to church. He wanted to be a better person and to find a group of friends who lived an honest life. He found this in the brothers at the Auburn Tuskegee Christian Church (ATCC). One of them, Travis Hawkins, asked him to study the Bible. Travis shared not only the good news, but also his life.

"I was inspired by Parker's humility and his desire to take on challenges for God," said Travis. Parker continued to take on the challenges of obeying the Bible, right up to the challenge of being baptized. "Parker has grown tremendously since the first time meeting the ATCC family," said Markeya. "He's gone from barely saying a word to being a lot more engaged." Parker is now excited to become even more engaged, and share the good news with others in Alabama!

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