Campus Minister On Fire for God's Glory

Written by  Sajjan Sharma - Pioneer Valley Church of Christ Saturday, 08 September 2012 04:23

Bo Cummings, an alum of UMASS-Amherst and former football player on their team, was hired by the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ (near Amherst, MA) in June.

Bo is now 45 years old and not your typical campus minister. His dream always was to have as many football players to church as possible.

God answered his prayer in a different way.

Recently, Bo was invited by the U-Mass coaching staff to inspire the team before the Football Season's opening game. So instead of bringing the team to church, Bo brought church to the entire team and coaching staff.

After preaching, the athletes gave Bo a standing ovation and then individually shook his hand.

Five student-athletes committed to coming to church on Sunday to hear Bo preach. And he received a call from the coaching staff asking him for the address of the church so that they could attend as well!

Amazingly, Bo is now studying the Bible with a coach. And as he was studying the Word, a woman overheard them and asked if she could come to church too!

He is speaking to the team again at Gillette Stadium soon. The coaches really want him back to inspire the team with God's principles from his word!

God is answering the prayers of a very faithful man as he is rejuvenating the Western Massachusetts Campuses.

Amen ! To God be the Glory!

Saj Sharma

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