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Written by  Raylea Barrow -- Baton Rouge, LA Friday, 27 June 2014 12:05

lsuThe Louisana State University (LSU) campus ministry of the The Bridge Baton Rouge Church is conducting a fundraiser to bring in a full time campus minister.  

We need your help to keep our ministry alive and thriving.

Read below to see how this ministry has impacted many:

Hello, my name is Randy Edwards. When I was a freshman at the University of South Carolina, David Laing and other disciples studied the Bible with me, and my whole life changed. Some of my best memories in my life are from my time on campus there. After hearing different needs at the One Year Challenge at the ICMC, I felt moved to come to Baton Rouge with the dream of helping to start a campus ministry at LSU (Louisiana State University). It’s been my true joy to see friends I've made on that campus make decisions to follow God with all their might, and I want to see that happen more and more. 

Now an alumnus of LSU, I see the vision of what that campus ministry can become. I have been fortunate to have incredible success in my teaching career since my graduation, and yet I have the passion to go into the full-time ministry. I am grateful to be mentored and trained by Jonathan Perkins who is leading the Bridge Church here in Baton Rouge. Together, we have created a campaign to make the dream of having full-time leader on campus possible. The only thing that stands in the way of this dream becoming a reality is the last part of the funding, and we are so close!  Anything you might be able to give could push us over the edge and start the ministry. Many of you came to God as college students, and so you know the importance of having people walking with you spiritually.

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