New England Campus Retreat: "Join the Revolution" Featured

Written by  Thursday, 18 April 2013 16:12

retreat3The campus ministries across New England continue to grow and thrive, as 300 students and staff gathered together last weekend for their largest campus retreat in at least ten years. Chip Mitchell, an evangelist in the Southern Region of the Boston Church of Christ, preached the main sermons under the theme of "Join the Revolution."

His opening lesson, "The Cause," described the need for a revolution, and his Sunday sermon, "The Revolution Begins at the Resurrection," examined the importance of the cross and resurrection to the revolution.

"The best part of Chip's sermon was the historical evidence he coupled with the scriptures," said Anijah Moore, a senior at Berklee. "It was really encouraging to see how much more the Bible is dependable." His passionate preaching inspired many in the crowd. "I felt like I was teleported to the first century," said Felipe Bascones, campus minister for the University of Connecticut.

retreat4Melissa Miller, a women's ministry leader in Boston, preached the main women's session on "The Recruits," exposing how the world recruits women for many purposes, and teaching about God's desire to recruit women for a greater purpose. Three young women were ready to join the revolution themselves. Anya Gonzalez, a sophomore at BU, Bria Gadsden, a freshman at UMass Amherst, and Kelsey Kruzel, a high school senior from Brooklyn, Connecticut were all baptized into Christ over the weekend.

During the two breakout sessions, classes included topics like "Re-enlistment," on how to renew your faith through the challenges of life, to "Exit Strategy," on life after college, "Change Your Currency," which taught a godly perspective on money, and "Every Person Counts," about developing spiritual gifts.

Brianna Larabee, a student in the Northern Campus ministry of the Boston Church, was impacted by the practicality of these breakout lessons. "This was one of the most practical retreats, where I walked away with specific things I can grow in and learn more," she said.

One of the highlights of the retreat for many was the worship. "I have been to campus retreats for over 20 years, and this was one of the most worship-filled ones I have ever experienced," said Bascones. "I felt led by the students!"

For others, simply being in the mountains was refreshing. “I’m not really a nature person, but Waterville Valley inspires me to fall more in love with God’s creation,” said Moore. “Being up in the mountains surrounded by trees, water and fresh air is good for the soul!”
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