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Wednesday, 08 January 2014 10:14
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purcell2My name is Ben Purcell and I am a disciple in the Seattle Church of Christ, part of the International Churches of Christ. I became a disciple last year, as a freshman at Seattle Pacific University. As a first-year college student I was struggling to find God in Seattle, in friendships, and on my ‘Christian’ college campus. The churches I visited didn’t seem to care about God very much, and neither did my friends. In my confusions I started praying to God, asking to find not just a church, but a community. I had a lot of questions about baptism, discipleship, and the Bible, but no one seemed to have answers for me, so I prayed that God would give me answers to those questions too. Midway through my first quarter, two disciples, Brian Fisher and Joey Lyon, randomly reached out to me while I was reading on campus. Three months, and many Bible studies later, I decided to give my life to Christ and was baptized.

I love my church. There is no doubt that God’s response to my prayer for a faith-filled community was the Seattle Church of Christ. The action, the love, and the intentionality of this church family have changed my life.

purcell1Disciples in Seattle are passionate about God. This is well demonstrated in both word and deed. There is a desire to know God, and to help others know Him. In knowledge, I can say that the Seattle Church is by no means an ignorant church. Disciples are driven to know the Bible, guard their doctrine, and live their faith. Our ministers are “those who labor in the word and doctrine” (1 Timothy 5:17), seeking to know God and the good news of Christ in a rich, purposeful way. A good example of this was the Old Testament seminar taught by Douglas Jacoby in October. The church pushes to know God and His word faithfully.

Our members love to share their faith. There is a genuine desire to seek and save the lost. I love that in our church, sharing the faith is a joy, not an obligation. The disciples in Seattle heard when Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). In 2013 it seemed like we had a baptism nearly every week. The Seattle church is driven to share the kingdom of God with its city. A new arts ministry is being geared up, so that artistic disciples can reach out to the artistic side of Seattle.

The disciples here are definitely from all nations. I grew up in white churches. Before I became a Christian, Sunday truly was the most segregated day of the week. Now, my church family is diverse in age, race, and background. This doesn’t really matter much though, because despite having completely different backgrounds, we are all headed to the same place. However, our diversity is a strong testament to God’s call and the true faith of our church.

The energy and joy of the disciples in Seattle has refreshed my life. The picture of rejuvenation that the prophet Isaiah promised in Jesus came true in His church today, “...Waters shall burst forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert.The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water” (Isaiah 35:8). The Seattle church is a fountainhead of faith and a river of joy. I am blessed to be a part of it.

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