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Monday, 13 January 2014 10:04
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lebitty1I love my church, I really, really do!

I am a member of the Turning Point Church, part of the Los Angeles Church of Christ and the International Churches of Christ and formerly known as the AMS ministry. I was baptized March 29, 1998 in the AMS Ministry in Hollywood, California.  Funny enough I had just moved back from London where I had begun seeking God, but God knew where I would grow.

Let me preface by saying I realize there is no perfect church on earth, at least until Jesus comes back and we all go to heaven.  But I love the Turning Point Church for so many reasons. It is part of the International Churches of Christ.

First, our leaders are humble.  The team of Kevin & Trae Holland and Jay & Traci Minor are so talented and are amazing at setting an example in all areas of walking the talk. Our elder couple, Mike and Kim Upton, are the quintessential elder couple as the Bible teaches, and are so loving and gentle. 

Our mission is to bring as many people to Christ as we can and it is a lifestyle for our ministry, baptizing practically weekly.  In 2013 we had 50 baptisms!

Our music ministry is absolutely phenomenal, focusing on worshiping God through contemporary Christian songs, one of the most impacting things for me personally.

lebitty2There is a heavy emphasis on one-another relationships from discipling, going through life’s challenges together (death, cancer, marriages, singles etc.,), finances, encouraging and serving -- everyone at TP has a role. We have a successful Chemical Recovery Ministry, Grief Recovery Ministry and a BOOMING Youth Ministry -- every need is at some point is addressed all encompassing 1Corinthians 13:1-7.

The Youth Ministry is a vital and key part of the future of our church.  There are so many pre-teen and teen leaders with 90 (bi-weekly alternating) Sunday Kid’s Point teachers.  And yet for the future of our children, there is a focus on the MG, the Millennial Generation, which covers the 20 to 29 year-olds to lead our children in the years to come when we baby boomers are older and new leaders are needed to fill our shoes.

Turning Point focuses on serving our local Community Family Rescue Mission and we are passionate about supporting our sister church in El Salvador.  We have a personal relationship with the disciples in San Salvador with groups of disciples going on mission trips yearly.  Every Christmas we participate in Advent Conspiracy, building water wells in third-world countries, taking the focus off spending on self and putting it into serving others.  There is no pressure on giving; it is all by choice.

If I had to pinpoint one thing that I have had to learn and grow in, it has been my personal relationship with God.  There can always be support from people, but an emphasis has been made on having a strong personal relationship with God because we as people are flawed, but He is perfect! 

It has been my relationship with God that has helped me thru various life challenges, most recent conquering stage four colon cancer. There are just times that people can’t be there or do it for me. It’s down to me and God. 

lebitty3You don’t even have to come to Los Angeles to join us, as we now “live-stream” our services on Sundays via our website www.turningpointla.com.  

These are the reasons I love my church and the people who make it the church.

With love in Christ,
Georgette Lebitty
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