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Thursday, 16 January 2014 16:49
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kirkpatricksMy wife Debbie and I were baptized into Christ in the San Diego Church, part of the International Church of Christ (ICOC), in 1990. We've worshipped in the Pomerado region ever since.

Here’s a lyric from the song, “We Could Run Away,” by one of my favorite bands Need to Breathe:  "We could run away. Be on our own again, maybe in the twilight. We can break out, buy ourselves a Cadillac.” (permission to use requested)

Have you ever had the strong impulse to run away? You know, just get in the car, or on the train or airplane, and go, leaving the responsibilities and pressures of everyday life behind.

I’ve thought of running away. Several times; no, multiple times. For several months in 2011 – 2012, my wife Debbie & I experienced what we called ‘the perfect storm’ of challenges. These significant emotional events included: the challenge of interpersonal relationships; living with my chronic illnesses; adjusting to my early and unplanned retirement; learning how to live on decreased income; having to list and sell our home via short-sale.

My impulse to run away compelled me to see where might Debbie & I be able to afford to live on my retirement and disability income alone. My plan was for Debbie to quit her job, so we would run away together to the Caribbean or perhaps South or Central America. ie: Belize, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Ecuador…

I soon discovered, that yes on my retirement and disability income alone, we could afford to live on the beach.

It now seemed like nothing was holding Debbie & I from breaking away from our ‘perfect storm’ of life and run away to a white sandy beach somewhere. I thought that it would always be easy enough for Debbie & I to jump on a plane to go see our children Russell & Carmen, Trevor & Terrence. Even better, the kids would always be welcome to visit Debbie and I in paradise.

What were we waiting for? Many far-off coastal communities were affordable. Check. Our church family had one or more existing congregations where we could worship and serve. Check.

Looking back, I had been trying to convince myself I was not running away from life. You see, it was just that I wanted to run with Debbie to a new life. Somewhere far from the ‘perfect storm,’ a place where storms could never reach us again.

Then in July of 2012, Debbie & I attended “The Mountain of The Lord,” the World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio, TX. God used the powerful Bible teaching and fellowship at the summit, as well as many subsequent times in prayer, to help me to see where my heart had gone. My heart had sought to escape the very life God had planned for me to live in San Diego. I had been running away, or seeking to preserve my life for me, versus spending my life for others.

Thus I had an awakening of sorts. I knew running away from life never works. As the saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are.” I prayed to the Lord asking Him to grow in me a heart that would trust Him with my life, my all. I asked Him to use me right here in San Diego, where over 22 years earlier He had placed Debbie & I.

Thus I became more thankful for my family and friends the Lord put in my life. I sought help from my best friend & evangelist Loren Snyder, on how to minister to and lay down my life for others. Since then I’ve grown increasingly content with my life in Christ here in San Diego. From storm to storm. Strength to strength. Joy to joy. In season, and out of season.

kirkpatrick 1For the life I was looking for was right in front of me all the time.

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." -- Matthew 6:33 

Oh, and what about running away with Debbie to a white sandy beach?

Well, most Saturday mornings you will find us having breakfast along the coast or walking one of San Diego counties’ beautiful beaches.


Glen Kirkpatrick
San Diego Church of Christ 

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