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Monday, 27 January 2014 10:11
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clementeMy name is Dave Clemente and I am a part of the Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ of the International Churches of Christ family here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have had the pleasure of attending this church for the past six months, after moving here from Denver, Colorado. I became a disciple of Jesus at the University of South Carolina on April 11, 2007 in the baptismal waters of the Columbia Church of Christ. 

There is much to love about my church in Las Vegas which is part of the International Church of Christ. One of the first things that I noticed upon moving here in July is their constant study and examining of the scriptures. Our church, along with our lead evangelist Frank Williams, is consistently looking at ways that we can get the most out of each scripture to spur us on towards seeking first the Kingdom of God; so that we can live and obey both sides of the Great Commission. At our recent expo this past January entitled "Invest 360°", we were charged with building relationships with three non-Christians with the sole purpose of investing, inviting, and influencing them so that God would lead them to repentance in Christ's death, burial and live a new, baptized life. As we follow Jesus, we firmly believe that inspiring our friends to do good will lead them to making Jesus their Lord and Savior! 

The mission at my church is what keeps me motivated to join God in His ongoing work here at the Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ. As a church, we are inspiring people to do good empowered by Christ's love (2 Corinthians 5:14-15, Galatians 2:20). Whatever your passion may be, wherever you might find yourself... God can use you powerfully and members are fully supported from our church. My church allows us to be innovative with our ideas on how to reach the city known for its sin, so that we can facilitate our own way to let God's light shine in this city. Through our family groups and our respective environments, we build close one-another relationships throughout our church that surpass age, race, background and geographical location. We are sharpening and empowering one another with scriptures, support and prayer. Through our family groups, we are able to serve the homeless and the underprivileged through our charitable organizations (HOPE worldwide, Hear The Cry International). Serving those who cannot serve themselves has strengthened my convictions in why I made Jesus the Lord of my life and why I love where God has put me.

When I moved to Las Vegas in July, I was not doing well spiritually. I had many character issues and unrepentant sin weighing me down. Through the love and support of God's church and our encouraging and loving body of disciples, I renewed my devotion to the Kingdom of God and to the church on August 25, 2013. I would have been more reluctant to own up to my sin and to find a spirit of humility if not for the church here in Las Vegas. God used the disciples to inspire me, help me focus on God's true kingdom and allowing God to change my life. My church empowered me through their love for me, a man in desperate need for a relationship with God... a man they had never met before. Through the grace of God and the disciples of Jesus, I had the distinct pleasure of serving as a teen worker until the new year; an experience I can hardly put into words.

Without Jesus and His church, I know I would not have the same relationship I have now with God. I don't just love my church, I need my church... I desire to be with my church... and whenever I am away, I miss my church. As it says in Revelations 2:29, "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” The Spirit is moving within our church, and for those of us who are listening to the Spirit, we have heard the word of God and have seen his Word become action at the Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ. And we are all inspired to do good empowered by Christ's love. We now understand what drove the Apostle Paul to turn the world upside down, and we will do the same here in Las Vegas until God's kingdom reigns in Las Vegas. 

In His love,
Dave Clemente

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