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Wednesday, 12 February 2014 12:18

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gayA student from the University of South Florida (Charles Merrick) shared the gospel with me. He asked me to a Soul Talk in Melbourne, Florida and I later commuted to the Orlando church. From there, I moved to be part of the Greater Albuquerque Church of Christ planting in 1990. I moved to Dallas shortly after that and fell in love with the great relationships and friendships. I left the church and went through very difficult marriage trials which ended in a divorce, and I came back to the Dallas church as a single.

I am very appreciative of the time that many singles spent to restore me. As an older disciple over 60 I was able to overcome many obstacles through one-another relationships, prayers and encouragement from several brothers and sisters. Within the singles ministry I was able to grow in relationships with sisters and brothers. Also, through the help of several brothers and sisters, I was able to overcome my grief  and win a battle with cancer (in remission for more than a year). While serving the hungry in downtown Dallas, participating in Saturday Academy (HOPE worldwide) and Christian Centered Recovery, God enabled me to help, witness and encourage others and focus on areas other than myself.

I finally met the women of my dreams and married her last year. The church has helped us become Bible talk leaders and enriched us as a couple all because the church loved us more then we loved ourselves and showed us God's love through their example. We love the Dallas/Fort Worth Church of Christ and are so thankful for the many disciples here who show us and teach us how to love others and  "to follow the way of your decrees" to the end.

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