"I Love My Church" -- Johannesburg ICOC, Part II Featured

Friday, 21 March 2014 16:28
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Shirley CharnleyMy church is so special. I’ve have been to many but none come close to the Johannesburg Church of Christ, where I’ve been a member since May 2010. The leaders are like no other – approachable, open, honest and will readily admit to any fault because they are accountable. They lead by example.

Our worship team is vibrant and dedicated and they work hard every Sunday to ensure we have a great time of singing and focusing on God. Everyone works passionately and is dedicated because they are working to the glory of the Lord.

Our teen ministry (a ministry that’s very special to me because I’ve seen my own teen son grow within this ministry), is vibrant and exciting. The teen workers engage the teens, love them and keep them entertained and happy. When you hear your teen rushing you to get to teen events and talk non-stop about his friends from church, you know that it must be a special place.

Shirley and Daylan CharnleyI love that the various ministries cater to the needs of everyone in the church. Campus, singles, marrieds, empty nesters, kids kingdom; everyone has a place and everyone’s needs are being met. 

But the main reason I love my church is because of the love. You can literally feel it permeating off the walls in fellowship and in service. Love that forgives, love that supports, love that encourages, love that holds one another accountable and a love that loves by the standard of the Bible, which is what we base our lives on. Often we fall short, but by the grace of God, we get back up and try again. We are not perfect; we are a church of sinners who live by the grace of God. This is what makes us so uniquely special. I love my church and am proud to call it my own.   
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