From Adolescent Atheist to Beautiful Bride Featured

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 12:36

hannah dHannah Kauffman (now Hannah Dignan) considered herself an atheist her sophomore year of high school -- she had seen hypocrisy among peers who professed to be Christians and was not able to develop her own faith in God. Like many other teens in her affluent suburb of Chicago, Hannah experimented with unhealthy choices. Seeking fulfillment from worldly pursuits and empty promises proved futile, but she continued on that path for a while. She thought nothing of it when she heard Lindsay Dawson (now Lindsay Heigerick), a fellow student in her speech class, give persuasive speeches in class on the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus. 

It was not until her junior year that Hannah decided to seek God after a chance encounter with some true disciples: a mutual friend, with whom Lindsay had been studying the Bible, brought Hannah to a party at the end of October that Lindsay hosted for the teens of the West Suburban Ministry Center of the Chicago Church of Christ.

hannah d 3Lindsay, who had been sick since July with mono, was excited to finally be well enough to even get back to school and interact with her teen group again. Little did she know that God was going to use that night in such an incredible way. Hannah and her friend only stayed for about twenty minutes (because they had another party to attend, which was quite a different atmosphere). As soon as they got in the car to leave, Hannah asked her friend if she could have Lindsay's number. Hannah immediately texted Lindsay, from the driveway, and asked her if she would teach her how to become a Christian. 

Hannah saw the good, clean fun the Christians were having and their pure interactions with each other; she knew that she had witnessed something that she had never seen before and that she wanted for her own. Lindsay began studying the Bible with Hannah, even though Lindsay continued to recover from the bout of mono through January, and Hannah was baptized into Christ on March 23, 2009. Her parents, who attend a different church, were at her baptism and supported her making her own spiritual decisions. Hannah did have to persevere through various persecutions and temptations, but she stayed humble to biblical instruction and held on to God valiantly.  

hannah d 2Hannah has continued to thrive spiritually and has since graduated from Illinois State University (where she was an active part of the campus ministry) with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She married an incredible man of God, Bob Dignan, earlier this year. Bob is an integral part of the Midwest ministries and serves our teen camp every year with his amazing videography skills and amusing narration. He also uses those skills working for the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana, where the two now reside. Hannah is working for Carle Foundation Hospital as a registered nurse.  

God once again has shown that when we push past our fears (one fellow classmate gave Lindsay a bit of grief after her first speech on the existence of God!), He can work in amazing ways in the hearts of those around us, even in our weakness or illness!

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