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Saturday, 28 March 2015 00:12

valen siblingsValencia Koean, also known as Valen, is a talented girl. She has a family who loves her so much. She is the youngest of four. Her older brother, Kevin, and her sister, Devi Fransisca, are disciples. Kevin was baptized on April 21, 2012. Devi was baptized on December 30, 2013.

Valen’s journey to be disciple was very interesting. She had been asked to come to church by Kevin and Devi many times before, but she kept making excuses. But after Devi left to continue her studies in Germany, the Holy Spirit encouraged Valen to come to church with her brother, Kevin. At church, she listened to Harliem’s sermon and it struck her heart. The warm welcome she felt from the brothers and sisters encouraged her to keep coming to church.

After going to church several times, Valen started to think, “I was so zealous for God when I was in elementary school, coming to church without anyone pushing or inviting me. Why did I become lazier when I grew older? My brother and sister always share how their lives have been changed after studying Bible. Why am I waiting?” Finally, she made the decision to study the Bible. When she shared that she wanted to study the Bible, her brother and sister were so glad. After studying the Bible for the first time, she felt so touched because God wanted a relationship with her.

There were many things that made Valen struggled through. She thought that her career was her number one priority compared to God. She was so anxious that she could never manage to succeed in life, even though she has already won two international-level choir competitions. She was afraid that she couldn’t continue her studies at the university. Besides, her parents did not want to pay for her tuition, so it had heaped up her anxiety. Thankfully, after studying the Bible, Valen learned to lean on God, to tell about it to him and ask for his help. She believed God’s way was the best for her.

God is good! A professor from the United States has offered her a scholarship to continue her studies. Even though it’s not a full one, Valen is so grateful.

When she decided to be baptized, Valen was challenged to tell it to her father, mom, and grandmother. At first, she was so afraid because her father, mother, and grandma were strict Buddhists and had some bad experience with Christians. Valen overcame her fears and was baptized on December 24, 2014.

Now, Valen is also excited because she can also serve in the Jakarta Song Ministry.

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