Daniel & Berin: ICOC Match Point Success Story Featured

Thursday, 28 April 2016 14:21

Daniel and Berin KrenekEditor’s note: Daniel and Berin Krenek of the Cambridge Church of Christ share their story of how they met and married through the website ICOC Match Point, a site that no longer exists. Please check out DT Heart & Soul if you’re interested in finding other disciples and seeing more great testimonials.


I was baptised in the Prague Church of Christ in 1999. In 2006, I moved to England to work and I joined the Cambridge Church of Christ. The Cambridge church was smaller compared to Czech with one single sister at the time. After some of my disciple friends found the church dating website (ICOC Match Point) and  I was keen to give it a try.

Once my profile was set up I contacted about five sisters from different parts of world and Berin - now my wife - was the one who replied.

From there our relationship progressed and thrived. Our first three years together brought some challenges as living together was very different from online dating and a long-distance relationship. The church was a great support and we had good discipling relationships, which helped us all as we transitioned. For me, I went from Czech culture to British culture and from being a single independent man to a husband and father to an amazing seven-year-old girl. This only made our bond stronger and I feel very grateful to God for my wife. She is the one in our household who always puts God first and makes sure the children are learning that too. She is always caring, making effort to respect me and ready to forgive me.

Daniel and Berin Krenek familyGod has blessed us with two more children and a close friendship.


I was baptized in the Nairobi Christian Church in Kenya in 2000. I was the only single mom in the campus ministry and I took my daughter, Kimberley, along to most dates and campus activities. I first came across the International Churches of Christ dating website in 2006 and set up a profile. Within a few days three brothers contacted me, two from America and one from the United Kingdom, Daniel. After a couple of chats my friendship with Daniel grew and in June 2007, he came to visit Kenya. At the end of his three-week visit, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We kept in touch online and in November 2007, he asked me to marry him. I was anxious and excited at the same time. The relationship had progressed very fast especially since we had only seen each other in person for three weeks. Most of my family and friends both in and out of church were apprehensive about the relationship as there had not been any 'online relationships' within my circle. At that time there was also post-election violence in Kenya and many countries had been warned not to travel to Kenya unless it was an emergency. We had set a wedding date for January 12, 2008 and I remember not leaving my house for almost two weeks as it was not safe to do so.

Daniel arrived in Kenya on January 7 alone, as his friends heeded advice against traveling to Kenya. We got married on the January 12 as planned, surrounded by family and friends and armed policemen in the area due to the tension in the country.

This year, we celebrated eight years together, with our three wonderful children, Kimberley (16), Alexandra (7) and Luka (3). When we got married the only thing we had in common was our love for God, but over the years we have grown in love and we have become best of friends. I love Daniel very much and I feel blessed beyond my imagination to have him. He is a caring and loving husband, a thoughtful and playful father and a leader and role model in the faith. It is possible to find true love online.


When my mom and now dad started chatting online, I was still young so I didn’t really know what was going on. I got the chance to meet him when he came to Kenya for three weeks. At first after meeting him I was confused as to who he was, but my mom helped me to understand more. He was so good with me as he played many games with me and just took a big interest in both me and my mom, which I found very great. Most guys would probably not want a woman with a child but he accepted us with so much love.

Daniel and Berin Krenek kidsI was brought up in the church and so every day for as long as I could remember, I would always pray for God to bless me with an amazing dad and that is exactly what God did. Yes, the first two or three years were not as easy because of the language barrier and different backgrounds, but after some time and prayer and my parents getting advice, everything turned out amazing!

Since I have been the only teenager in the Cambridge church for a long time, my parents sacrifice most of their weekends to drive to the East London International Church of Christ every two weeks. I get to go to teen activities and teen camps with other teen Christians.

I honestly couldn’t wish for better parents; they are so incredible and I feel more than blessed! Every time I hear them telling people about their story I just feel special and encouraged. It just shows that not everything will be perfect to start with but with time, amazing things can happen. I am even blessed with the best sister and brother who I love very much. 

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