Russian Church Leader in Serious Condition After Car Accident Featured

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 14:52

sashaPlease pray for Sasha Mylnikov, church leader in Ufa, Russia who was in a head-on car crash last Tuesday. He is in grave condition; unconscious with multiple fractures. At the moment he is in the hospital in Sterlitamak. We ask you to pray that Sasha will regain consciousness and his body will heal from all fractures and bruises. We ask you to pray for Leroux, his wife, and his parents.

"And yet I tell you that if two of you on earth agree, and both pray about it, then it shall be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, I will be with them" – Matthew 18:19-20

In the last year, Sasha devoted a lot of himself to running and swimming. His body is strong! Ask God to give him the cure! We ask you not to bother Leroux too much with calls. We will update this article to spread the information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: January 9

We have g
ood news! Sasha is conscious. He has responded to doctor's requests to raise an arm and a leg and to move his fingers. He nods, and when he greeted a relative, he squeezed his hand. He also tried to move the blanket when he feels hot. For the average person, these actions do not cause any effort, but for a person in Sasha's state, this is a real victory! Keep praying!

January 3

Sasha's condition is still serious but not deteriorating. Unfortunately, we cannot report any good news about his improvements. Sasha's relatives visit him daily in ICU, for only a few minutes each day. We will try to keep you informed. 

January 2

To date, no specific news. Sometimes Sasha opens his eyes. We cannot say that he sees something, the doctors say that it was still too little time. He is trying to move your hands. We cannot tell if he recognizes something or not. Continue to pray, please!

January 1

Friends, it seems this is the first major good news! Sasha came to himself. He is not paralyzed; his feet and hands move, and he has lifted the torso! Doctors and relatives say, however, that Sasha has not yet delivered awareness signs themselves. Please continue to pray! 

December 30

Today, when he was with his mother, Sasha opened his eyes twice. He does not understand anything. Doctors say that the situation is very serious, but there are worse. Thousands of people are praying around the world. Ask God to bring back to life, Sasha! Do not stop praying and believing! 

December 29

While the situation is unchanged, Sasha is on a ventilator and unconscious. Continue to pray. 

December 28

Posted by our friends :"Fractures - arm, clavicle, rib, hip; rupture of the diaphragm operated yesterday. CT results show spleen intact. Suspected spinal injury and a kidney condition. Serious but stable...."

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