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Thursday, 31 August 2017 13:11

hopewwThe ICOC HOPEww / Benevolence Service Team is making the following request of the ICOC family of churches in the United States. Our hope is that as many churches as possible can take up an offering for Hurricane Harvey Response this Sunday, September 3. HOPE worldwide is eager to supply necessary resources and manpower to help families rebuild their lives and their communities. 

Mike Taliaferro and ICOC HotNews will send out a video that can be shared prior to the collection. This video will be finalized with up-to-date information and sent out on Saturday.

With gratitude,
The ICOC HOPEww / Benevolence Service Team

hurricane harvey floodingHurricane Harvey Disaster Response

A request to the ICOC family of churches in the United States:

Families are in crisis and need our help.

Hurricane Harvey displaced families, devastated homes, and temporarily halted any ability to earn a living. In an instant, this disaster has made what most feared as a worst-case scenario into a nightmare reality. Some disciples in Houston have lost their homes and need our help. Together we can bring hope and make a difference.

Hurricane Harvey brought gale force winds, torrential rainfall, and tornadoes to multiple cities all along the Gulf Coast. It is estimated that this disaster is impacting nearly 13 million people throughout Texas and Louisiana. The news cycles will come and go, but the damage from Harvey is going to be felt for many years to come.

We are glad to report that HOPE worldwide is on the scene and already responding. In the few days since this storm made landfall, the HOPE worldwide disaster response team made an early needs assessment and helped supply food, water, and tools for many affected by the storm, including disciples and their neighbors. HOPE worldwide is also actively preparing to mobilize our network of amazing volunteers to continue to deliver aid and implement more extensive clean-up and recovery efforts. Meanwhile, funding for this effort is the biggest current need.

hope worldwide disaster reliefToday, every member of our family of churches in the United States is being asked to pitch-in to assist the work of HOPE worldwide. The money we collect today will help provide important relief to families in crisis, but most of all, our brothers and sisters need to know that we are with them. Please give generously and continue to pray for these communities in need.

On behalf of the ICOC HOPEww / Benevolence Service Team,

Thank you for your generosity and love!

Instructions for church administrators:

Checks can be made out to “HOPE worldwide” and sent to: HOPE worldwide, 4231 Balboa Ave, #330, San Diego CA 92021. Be sure to note that these donations are for “Hurricane Harvey Disaster Response.” Members can also give online at or text “Respond” to 80077.

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