Better Than TV... FAMILY DEVO'S

Written by  Fox Valley CM, Wisconsin Saturday, 20 April 2013 07:41
Better Than TV...  Family Devo's
from the Fox Valley Church of Christ, Wisconsin

Week 2

The Owner

Take an adventure walk together as a family. Try to find a place where you will see as many different types of birds, animals, trees and plants as possible. Ideally, try to find somewhere you are allowed to collect nature samples.

Try splitting into groups and go on a nature treasure hunt. Each team should collect as many different types of items as they can – acorns, feathers, leaves, rocks – but only one of each type. Also record each animal you see (you could keep a list, take a pictures or speak into a recorder). Make sure you go over with your kids what items are NOT wise to pick up.

Once you have completed your walk, go home and create a display of the various interesting items you collected on your walk(s). You can use a tri-fold report board and glue the items to the board for display, or you could set them out on a table, or put them in a special box. You may want to use Psalm 50:9-12 as a title for your board or box.

Singing and Bible Reading
Sing a few songs together and then have one child read Psalm 50:9-12.

Questions and Discussion
- Look at each item written down and collected and ask your kids which items belong to God and which ones don’t. For younger children, ask about each item to really drive the point home. Just ask the question one or two times for older children.
- Ask why is it important to understand that everything belongs to God.
- Ask why we pray and give thanks before we eat (if you do that regularly). It’s a recognition that all things belong to God and we are thankful that he has provided food for us.
- Ask your kids if they think that all money and possessions belong to God.
- Help them to see that everything belongs to God and this includes the money he provides.
- Explain how your family recognizes God’s ownership of your money and possessions and why that is so important. It is important that kids understand why we give tithes and offerings and how that demonstrates what we    believe about God.
- Ask how they can recognize God’s ownership of everything in their own lives

TEA Time (Taking Energetic Action)
Brainstorm as a family and choose one activity you can do together to appreciate and recognize God’s provision. It might be taking a camping trip together and expanding the nature walk activity that you did. Or perhaps you could hold a family fundraiser for special missions contribution.

Memorize Psalm 50:11-12 as a family. Write out the verse on a large sheet of paper or placard and put it somewhere visible to all family members. Quiz each other daily this week and make sure that everyone memorizes

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