Kingdom Kids Workshops at Reach2016 Featured

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KingdomKids TagjpgCome join us Saturday afternoon at Reach2016 for Kingdom Kids Leaders Workshop for Children's Ministry Leadership, Forever Families and Exceptional Families for Parents.

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Kingdom Kids Leaders

America's Center - 276

Speakers: Steve & Vicky Bergem, Mark & Cindy Wilkinson, Ruben & Barbara Marbury, Matthew Bridges

This workshop is hosted by Disciples Today Kingdom Kids. The format will include 3 TED-style talks followed by Q&A. An immersive, interactive meeting where we will explore ideas related to helping our Children’s Ministries thrive. In the past few years, a vision has been shared and will continue to grow as we come together to dream and inspire each other.

  • Believe, Thrive – Come be re-inspired and catch a vision for your Children’s Ministry. Real life ways to help your Children’s Ministry Thrive. -- Steve & Vicky Bergem

  • Be Your Best – Practical advice to help you be the best Children’s Ministry Leader you can be. -- Mark & Cindy Wilkinson

  • Bring out the Best – Practical advice on how to reach children and help every child shine. -- Ruben & Barbara Marbury, Matthew Bridges

Special Needs of Exceptional Families

America's Center - 260

Speakers: Drs. Mike & Mary Shapiro, Jake & Nancy Jensen, Brock & Ann Roby, Susan Stroebel

This workshop is hosted by Disciples Today Kingdom Kids. The format will include three TED-style talks followed by Q&A and an interactive time to meet other parents facing the unique challenges of being a family that includes a child with special needs. Families will share their stories and you will leave with additional marriage and parenting tools in your tools chest to help meet the challenges of day to day life.

  • A Special Marriage – A healthy family starts with a healthy marriage. Learn how families have overcome to keep the spark alive. – Drs. Mike & Mary Shapiro 

  • Parenting a Special Needs Child – Parenting Class that addresses the needs of an Exceptional Family – Jake & Nancy Jensen

  • Amazing Families – You are not alone; be encouraged by the lives of others and meet people in similar life situations. – Brock & Ann Roby, Susan Stroebel

Adoptive Families

America's Center - 261

Speakers: Ron and Lavonia Drabot, Bruce & Jennifer Radl  

This workshop is hosted by Disciples Today Kingdom Kids. The format will include 3 TED-style talks followed by Q&A. If you have adopted or want to adopt, you are not alone. Learn how our church is reaching out to support and encourage parents raising the children they have adopted. Hear from other families who have overcome the challenges that come with adoption and are embracing the joy and love their children bring into the home. Hear from the children themselves, how adoption changed their lives.

  • Should We Adopt? – Thought about adopting? This class offers great insight into whether or not adoption is right for you. -- Ron and Lavonia Drabot

  • Life After Adoption – Getting real, let’s talk about the highs and lows of life after adopting child. -- Bruce & Jennifer Radl

  • Our Stories –  Adoption affects everyone, what is it like to be adopted, and a sibling's perspective.

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