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Part 1:
Countless parents fail to realize the capacity for learning which exists in their young children. As a consequence, they let great opportunities slip by which they could have used to embed biblical information into their children’s minds.

The Lord has made it very clear that he wants children to be taught about him. (See Exodus 10:12, 12:26; Deuteronomy 4:9 and 6:7). The following words from Deuteronomy 11:18-19 are especially striking: “

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. TEACH THEM TO YOUR CHILDREN, TALKING ABOUT THEM WHEN YOU SIT AT HOME AND WHEN YOU WALK ALONG THE ROAD, AND WHEN YOU SIT DOWN AND WHEN YOU GET UP.”

How to Use This Material

Success in using this material is purely a matter of repetition. The goal is not to teach principles or concepts --- children can learn these later.

The idea is to go over the questions repeatedly until the answers can be given promptly. It is very helpful to get some 5 X 8 cards and cut pieces of uniform size on which a single question can be written. Keep a stack of cards handy. Keep some in the car and go over a few on the drive to school, or to church, or to other places. THE KEY IS CONSISTENCY!

Parents can be creative in using the questions. Make it fun. Use little prizes or rewards for getting so many correct answers. It is better to avoid lengthy training sessions; short sessions more frequently are more effective. Parents may not understand initially how valuable this training is, but in later years they will be very glad that they gave their children this teaching. It will stay with them for many years.

(Some parents will choose to elaborate on more details concerning some persons or situations to which questions refer.)



1. On what day of creation did God create plants? (3rd)

2. On what day of creation did God create birds and fish? (5th)

3. On what day of creation did God create man? (6th)

4. Who was the first man? (Adam)

5. Where did Adam live? (Garden of Eden)

6. From what tree was Adam told not to eat? (Tree of knowledge of good and evil)

7. Eve was made from what? (Adam’s rib)

8. Eve was tempted by ___ who appeared in the form of a ___. (Satan--serpent)

9. Why did Adam and Eve hide from God? (Afraid---they had disobeyed)

10. Who were 3 sons of Adam and Eve? (Cain, Abel, Seth)

11. Whose sacrifice did God like better? (Abel’s)

12. What did Cain do in jealous anger? (killed Abel)

13. Who was the oldest man and how old was he? (Methuselah---969 years)

14. Who walked with God and was taken away by God? (Enoch)

15. Who were 3 sons of Noah? (Ham, Shem, Japheth)

16. Because of so much wickedness God decided to destroy the earth by a ___. (flood)

17. Noah was to build an ark (or boat). It was to be ___ feet long, ____ feet wide, and ____ feet high. (450, 75, 45)

18. Noah was to take all kinds of ____ on the ark. (animals)

19. How old was Noah when the flood came? (600 years)

20. How long did the flood continue and increase? (40 days)

21. Noah sent out a ___ and later a ___ from the ark. (raven, dove)

22. God promised that he would never again do what? (destroy the earth by water)

23. People’s languages were confused at the tower of ___ (Babel)

24. ___ was called a mighty hunter. (Nimrod)

25. Who was the father of Abram? (Terah)

26. Who was Abram’s wife? (Sarai)

27. God called Abram to move to the land of ___ (Canaan)

28. God promised to make Abram into a great ___. (nation)

29. Who was Abram’s nephew? (Lot)

30. Because of a famine Abram moved to the land of ___ (Egypt)

31. About whom did Abram tell a lie? (Sarai)

32. Lot separated from Abram and moved toward the city of ___ (Sodom)

33. Who rescued Lot after he was captured? (Abram)

34. What man was both King of Salem and priest of God? (Melchizedek)

35. What did Abram give to Melchizedek? (one tenth of what he captured)

36. Who was Sarai’s handmaiden? (Hagar)

37. Who was the son of Abraham and Hagar? (Ishmael)

38. Sarai’s name was changed to ___ (Sarah)

39. God decided to destroy what cities because of their wickedness? (Sodom, Gomorrah)

40. Who did angels rush out of Sodom? (Lot, his wife, and 2 daughters)

41. What command did Lot’s wife disobey...and what was the punishment? (The command not to look back at Sodom......turned into pillar of salt)

42. Lot moved from Sodom to the town of ____. (Zoar)

43. Abraham lied to ___ about Sarah. (Abimelech)

44. ___ was the son of Abraham and Sarah? (Isaac)

45. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born? (100)

46. Why was Ishmael sent away? (for mocking Isaac)

47. What did God command Abraham to do with Isaac? (offer him as a sacrifice)

48. What stopped Abraham from killing Isaac? (the voice of an angel)

49. Sarah died at what age? (127)

50. To bury Sarah, Abraham bought the Cave of ___ from Ephron the ___. (Machpelah....Hittite)

51. Abraham sent his servant to find a ___ for Isaac. (wife)

52. ___ was chosen as a wife for Isaac. (Rebekah)

53. Rebekah’s brother’s name was ___ (Laban)

54. Abraham died at what age? (175)

55. Who were Isaac’s 2 sons? (Jacob, Esau)

56. Which of Isaac’s sons was a man of the outdoors? (Esau)

57. Which of Isaac’s sons was Rebekah’s favorite? (Jacob)

58. What did Esau sell to Jacob? (his birthright)

59. Who helped Jacob to deceive his father? (Rebekah)

60. Why did Rebekah urge Jacob to run away? (was afraid Esau might kill him)

61. Jacob ran away from home and stayed with ____. (Laban)

62. What did Jacob see in a dream? (angels on a stairway)

63. Jacob fell in love with whom? (Rachel)

64. What did Jacob offer to do in order to marry Rachel? (Work 7 years for Laban)

65. Laban tricked Jacob by having him to marry ___. (Leah)

66. In order to marry Rachel Jacob had to work a total of ___ years. (14)

67. Who were 6 sons of Leah? (Reuben, Simeon. Levi, Judah, Isaachar, Zebulun)

68. Who were 2 sons of Bilhah? (Dan, Naphtali)

69. Who were 2 sons of Zilpah? (Gad, Asher)

70. Who were 2 sons of Rachel? (Joseph, Benjamin)

71. Jacob was afraid to meet whom? (Esau)

72. Who wrestled with an angel? (Jacob)

73. Jacob’s name was changed to what? (Israel)

74. What was the name of Jacob’s daughter and who was her mother? (Dinah, Leah)

75. About whom did Joseph give his father a bad report? (His brothers)

76. What special gift did Jacob give Joseph? (beautiful robe)

77. Jacob rebuked Joseph when he told his father about what? (His dreams)

78. When Joseph was sent to check on his brothers he found them near __. (Dothan)

79. When Joseph’s brothers saw him coming they called him what? (The dreamer)

80. ___ meant to save Joseph from death. (Reuben)

81. Joseph’s brothers sold him to whom? (Ishmaelites)

82. How old was Joseph when he was sold? (17)

83. What was the price which the brothers got for Joseph? (20 shekels of silver)

84. What did Joseph’s brothers do with Joseph’s robe? (Dipped it in goat’s blood and took it to Jacob)

85. In Egypt Joseph was sold to whom? (Potiphar)

86. Who told a harmful lie about Joseph in Egypt? (Potiphar’s wife)

87. Joseph was sent to ___ where he found favor with whom? (Prison, warden)

88. Joseph interpreted the dreams of a ___ and a ___. (Baker, cupbearer)

89. Who forgot to tell about Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams? (cupbearer)

90. Pharaoh had 2 dreams;one was about ___ and the other was about___. (cows, grain)

91. Joseph said that only ___ could interpret dreams. (God)

92. Pharaoh’s dreams meant that there would first be ___ and then what? (7 years of plenty and then 7 years of famine).

93. Who was putin charge of storing grain? (Joseph)

94. How old was Joseph when he entered Pharaoh’s service? (30)

95. Joseph married ___, daughter of ___. (Asenath, Potiphera)

96. How many of Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to buy grain? (10)

97. Joseph accused his brothers of being ___ . (Spies)

98. Joseph demanded that his brothers do what? (Bring youngest brother to Egypt)

99. ___ was kept back by Joseph as a prisoner. (Simeon)

100. What was placed in the brothers’ bags of grain? (Silver)

101. ___ guaranteed the safety of Benjamin on the trip to Egypt. (Judah)

102. What caused Joseph to cry and hurry out of the room? (Seeing Benjamin)

103. What was placed in Benjamin’s sack of grain? (Joseph’s cup)

104. How old was Joseph when he revealed hisidentity to his brothers? (39)

105. How many people were in the group that went to Egypt with Jacob? (66

106. What part of Egypt was assigned to Jacob’s family? (Goshen)

107. What did Pharaoh ask Jacob? (His age)

108. How old was Jacob when he moved to Egypt? (130)

109. Joseph arranged for what fraction of all crops to go to Pharaoh? (1/5)

110. Jacob died at what age? (147)

111. Jacob made Joseph promise to do what? (bury him in his home country)

112. Jacob gave special blessings to what 2 people? (Manasseh, Ephraim)

113. Joseph buried Jacob in the Cave of ___. (Machpelah)

114. Joseph died at what age? (110)

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