My Daughter Talking About God

Written by  Brittany Overstreet -- Chicago, IL Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:43

AamiraAs I was driving home from Vacation Bible School, my six-year-old daughter randomly started telling me about God...she just kept going on and on from the back seat. She didn't have any papers in her hand or anything. She was just talking....I feel as though God was a part of that. 

After about five minutes, I started recording her (without her knowledge) – and she spoke for around ten more minutes.

This really touched my heart. It was very encouraging and at times she makes very good points. I wanted to share this audio with you, in hopes that it will encourage other families as well.

Click below to listen to Aamira share:


Don’t matter what you do or what you say, God is always with you and faithful and wisdom.

And you know how He got the power? Because He believed in Himself that one day that He would grow up and be Jesus. And He always knew that when He makes mistakes, He prayed to God.

He would always pray. But the most importantly when He was a kid there wasn’t that much water and not much food but He still helped people even know people never like treat Him sometimes.

Sometimes He can be bullied when He was a kid. You never know what might happen when you’re a kid. Like I’m still a kid. He’s not. He’s like a grown man and He’s like, He watches over us, so its like He’s up in heaven we’re on land. You never know if He’s sending ambulance after you or police after you. You never know.

Unless you see. Unless you believe that God is always with you. You pray to God, you trust in Him. No matter if you don’t trust in God, you know nothing will like…He will still be watching you. He will still love you.

He will treat you how you would want to be treated. But think about the way that when God treats you right and you feel like…so alone. You don’t think that. You get God’s blessings. He gives you the blessing so you need to be thankful and you need to treat Him how He wants to be treated.

You can be treated like you want to be treated. Even know it doesn’t matter if you don’t treat Him right, He’s still gonna treat you how He wants to treat you. But you have to focus on God.

And it doesn’t matter how if you get disappointed when He gives you blessings that makes Him sad because He used all His mind, He thinks positive. Like you make Him sad sometimes even though you disobey your mother, father, sister.

When you don’t obey it makes Him sad. He still blesses you with blessings. So be thankful what you have. And no matter what, no matter how old you are. Im always, I’m always with…with you even…I forgot the scripture. But Jesus is always with you.

I’m always with you, even the age you are. God is always looking for you. He always gives you food, clothes, you know…car. A car. So you can get to places.

Even if he doesn’t bless you with anything, He still loves you. But you’ll still be blessed. Sometimes He doesn’t feel like giving you blessings but He’ll always gives you it. When He doesn’t feel like doing something he still…does it.

And you know what He does when He gets disappointed at you guys? He always make sure. He always praised Himself to make sure He wont get mad and He would hug himself through all the special moments when He was a kid.

But here’s the thing, when God…like…Jesus is always watching you. It’s not like He’s a spy. It’s not like He’s a bad guy. He’s a good guy. He watches over you to make sure you’re protected. But sometimes He doesn’t…probably He doesn’t look at though…sometimes He can’t look all over. He doesn’t have eyes that can search around the Earth.

So you need to patient if He wants to watch you. Like here, I bet He’s watching you now. And even if He’s not looking at you, you still need to believe…believe in God. Trust. You need to use your trust, might and wisdom.

People that are not disciples and they don’t believe in God that’s fine but when they grow up, they’re gonna realize that everybodys believing in God, maybe I should too.

But you need to understand that its most important thing that you need to learn then you need to recognize that if you’re not loving God and you’re not obeying Him, you may get disappointed, well you need to figure that out.

Make sure He’s doing what He’s doing. So you need to like give Him some rest. So what you need to do. So what you want to do is just sometimes give God, give God a break. He will never give you…He will never give you guys a break.

And whatever you do He’s always gonna be with you. Even if you do something bad. He’s always with you but sometimes He not bless…He not give you good blessings.

The way you treat Him, He might be sad. And if you just spend…like I wanna be mean to that little girl. How would God feel?

You need to change your mind and listen to God even though your mind…your heart should be the one thinking about everything and sometimes your hearts bad. Sometimes your brains good. But you need to listen to your brain and God.

If you can’t think of anything, then do it. You need to treat people how you want to be treated. If you can’t do that then people wont treat you how they, they will treat you how they were treated when you treat them.

So that’s how it feels when you’re lonely. And let me tell you. Remember that…like stories. I tell, I’m gonna tell you a story about when I was lonely and I felt sad when my dad died I was crying.

And like when you were going somewhere. I don’t remember Joy’s pageant. I don’t know.

And so like our neighbor, I don’t know if I did something bad…we…you left and later on she didn’t kick me out but I, I had to be…like she ya know…I guess she kicked me out. She kicked me out of the house but she didn’t kick me but she threw me out of the house.

And ummm I went up to my upstairs and I laid in my bed and I felt so lonely. I never even thought about God. But soon we came to DeKalb, then you decided to study the Bible be a siple and then you became a mother.

That’s the most important thing that you are a wonderful mother. But I, I’m a special kid in the world but everybody else is special too.

Everybody is special but Gods more special than me. He’s more special than you, He’s more special than Misss Brittany, He’s more special than Mr. Phil, more special than Mitchell, He’s more special…He is more special, special than anybody in the world.

And He…and like…Antartica, nobody…every. And you know…sometimes, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely if there was no land or a house for you to live in? Would you feel lonely mom? Huh mom?

Doesn’t that make you feel sad? Don’t you know you need to pray to God and He might ask the animals and make these little animal creatures.

And then you know…you know what might happen? You get your life together and then you will become a disciple.

Animals can’t become disciples because they don’t…they have water, they have what they need but some…they don’t know how to baptize people.

And that’s not real, that’s not…they don’t know how to do that. But animals are still God’s children. Even me, even you. Everybody on this Earth and everybody in this world is God’s child.

It’s not like, hey I think I’m the mother, and I’m the father and I’m the son, I’m the son. I’m the mother of this world. It’s not you, not you. I’m the father of this world.

God’s the Father of this world. Not you, not me, not nobody.

But you need the one most important thing? If you don’t trust in God and you don’t pray and you don’t read the Bible…well that kinda makes dis…ummm God sad.

But you know sometimes, He made moms and dads and uncles and grandpas and grandmas for you to have fun with.

And so you won’t be that lonely. That’s the most important. He gave you people to play with, friends, He gave you teachers so you can learn. He gave you buildings. He gave you like money. He gave you your body. He gave you eyes. He gave you your mouth to taste.

He gave you your ears to hear. He gave you everything that you needed and He thought what you guys needed.

But now it’s time for you think what God needs. Don’t ask Him. Just think. He asks you because you weren’t made yet. He was using…He was thinking. He was still thinking but you know…He made His mom and dad.

He made some people before you guys were born. You know that. He made is mom and dad. He made animals before.

But you know the secret? Some people don’t even know how God did that. But you still need to believe in God even though you want to know that.

But the most important thing that you learned that you can think of that Gods watching you and even if somebody dies in your family…God will always be like that. He will ya know…

Mom, why's that blue light shining?


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