E-Essentials - Adapted Bible Studies for Special Needs Featured

Written by  San Fransisco Church of Christ Monday, 11 November 2013 01:43

E-Essentials Adapted Bible Studies for Special Needs This site is created by disciples working to make disciples. Their goal is to develop a collection of adapted First Principles Bible Studies for those with various special needs. This will become a resource for those all over the church to evangelize. It is a data base of inspirational and applicable resources to save those with special need and take care of them after baptism. Utilize the website to post E-ssentials studies, good news, advice board, and secular resources/ links to help work with those with special needs. This may become a beacon of hope and inspiration to churches all over the world to help the gospel reach a new frontier of hearts and souls. Help make disciples of everyone!

Check it out - http://spiritual-essentials.net

Many Thanks to the San Fransisco Church for sharing this resource.
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