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Cartwheels in the Rain

Saturday, 04 September 2010 22:00

While Joe and Laurel Dubowski were exchanging Valentines gifts, a tragedy was unfolding on the Northwestern Illinois University campus. A gunman had targeted students in a classroom, and their daughter Gayle, was one of the six who died that day.

 In this brave and hopeful book, Joe takes us along on a journey he would never have chosen to travel. He recounts the details as they moved toward an understanding that was unthinkable and gut-wrenching. With great candor he gives us a glimpse into his thoughts and responses and approaches to healing over a two-year period. 

cartwheels in the rainIntroducing us to 20-year-old Gayle, he celebrates her life and her faith. Gayle loved the rain. In fact, she loved it so much she would run outside and do cartwheels in the downpour. Thus we come to see Gayle's zest for life, and her exuberance calls us higher.

A book for all who have experienced loss and for all who comfort them, Cartwheels in the Rain is more than a recounting of the all-too-familiar happening of a school shooting. It is an affirmation that whatever we are called to face in this life, God is always there to hold us, to carry us, to see us through.

Joe and Laurel Dubowski are members of the Chicago Church of Christ. Click here to order >

"I looked forward to reading this book, and yet I knew it would be hard. I read it this morning. I think I've cried a river now. Yet through all the tears, it touched my heart in a way that also leaves me inspired and grateful. I can't quite express what I feel about this book. It's really quite amazing. Joe has done an incredible job conveying heart and hope. Somehow, it captures real life grief, struggle for faith, simple honesty, a picture of what life as a real Christian looks like, as well as a portrait of family and spiritual relationships that people everywhere are longing for. What a treasure!"

Jeanie Shaw, Women's Ministry Leader, Boston

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