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Introducing the ICOC Weekly Podcast Featured

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 13:46

icocweeklypodcast-fb origWe are excited to announce the launch of ICOC Weekly Podcast! ICOC Weekly wants to build international connections through the medium of podcasting! 

Our first episode (after the intro) is with Steve Johnson of the Upside Down Theatre Company. We discuss the history of Upside Down and lots of fun stories, but the highlight is the announcement about Upside Down being offered for free beginning August 8th! In the interview you hear Steve and Sherwin’s heart behind offering this iconic musical for free. Prepare to be entertained and inspired!

ICOC Weekly will bring interviews from around the world with the goal of building family connections thought the ICOC and encouraging prayer for one another. ICOC Weekly is available on iTunes, SoundCloud & Google Play Music. Links below!

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