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Friday, 13 May 2016 11:22

Carlos Scott musicSeveral years ago, Herschel Mclemore and I started a music group called Shades of Vision. The purpose of starting the group was to inspire Christians to stay faithful and true to God. Over the years we've written original songs that married the old school flavor with an R&B flare. In our latest project we desired to marry the old school with the young way of hip hop, in order to impact our youth.

Over the last twenty years, my wife and I have served in the full-time ministry and spent time in churches in Providence, Rhode Island, Springfield, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. Since 1993, we've been in the DC Regional Christian Church, where I currently serve in the full time ministry.

Eugene Phillips and I are the main songwriters for the group. I usually write songs that are born out of life experiences, as with the song "Lord You Know." Here are two songs that we'd like to share with you.

Both songs below are available on and iTunes.

"Are You Ready For Battle"

Spiritual warfare is real. This video touches on how Satan disrupts us and the subtle nudges he uses to push our buttons. The battle is all around us. We must be spiritually focused to defeat Satan's schemes. The video touches on all kinds of pressures by looking at a classroom scene, demonstrating pressures like racial pressure, gender pressure, and the pressure to fit in.

It's like a game of peekaboo. As a friend once told me, you have to recognize Satan's schemes beforehand and discern what is of God and what isn't. How do you handle the battle?

We must put on the full armor of God daily and allow the Holy Spirit to fight these battles. We cannot win the battle in our flesh. The battle is not ours. 

Are you ready for battle?

"Lord You Know"

Years ago, my wife suffered a brain aneurysm, and I found myself in a room listening to the beep from a machine monitoring the vitals of her life. It was a moment that had come without warning and certainly was not in our plans. You know life boils down to this, my plans, God's will. I mean that it was God's will for us to suffer in this way and would I have the faith to get to not my will but Your will be done Lord! When the doctor informed me that I could lose my wife, I started to cry. But what happened next is what gave birth to this song "Lord You Know."

Strangely, in that moment, I had a feeling of warmth come over me, and somehow I knew we'd make it through this storm. I was resolved that while the doctors did have a say, the Lord had the final say and I would choose to put my trust in the Lord. When we decide to trust the Lord, we sign off on our trials and Jesus signs on to them. He becomes responsible for the consequences of our trials. Well, the Lord confirmed that Cassandra would pull through this very painful time in her life, and today her greatest test in her life has become her greatest testimony for his glory. 

Like that experience, life comes at us really fast, but pity the man who faces the many trials of life but has no faith. It's our trials that reveal the truth about our faith!

One of the most challenging relationships we have in life is in marriage. This video speaks to the power of our flesh when we choose to walk in it and the power of the Holy Spirit when we choose to obey it. In this video, we see a couple that has made a mess in their marriage. Now because they are so divided, they become vulnerable to the temptations of sin. The video shows the brevity of life and why we should be spending time in prayer instead of fighting.

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