Working with HOPEww in Trinidad and Tobago

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 17:56

PresentationRecently, our efforts were successful thanks to a number of friends and disciples like J. Brian Craig and others who gave so graciously to the cause. Working with HOPE worldwide Trinidad and Tobago and the Port of Spain Church of Christ, we were able to raise a sizable donation for St. Mary's Children Home in Trinidad. HOPE worldwide is an international charity that changes lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high-impact, community-based services to the poor and needy. St Mary's Children Home is very deserving of our assistance because of the kinds of services it offers.

The history of the St. Mary's Children's Home dates back to the year 1857, when it was known as the "Coolie Orphan Asylum." The home was established in response to the awakening of the social consciences of three men who had connections with the Orange Grove Estates in the district of Tacarigua.

The first residents, nine orphaned children, took up residence there on July 2, 1857, when the institution was formally inaugurated with a function attended by His Excellency, the Colonial Governor, Robert W. Keate, as well as members of His Majesty's Council and other dignitaries. Evolving through several socio-economic phases which characterized the course of history, the institution has moved from asylum to orphanage, and orphanage to home, to its present status of children's home.

Nestling at the foot of the Northern Range, the home is located on 25 acres of flat arable lands bisected in part by the Tacarigua River, and bounded on the south by the Eastern Main Road. A number of imposing buildings which house the nursery, dormitories, a primary school, library, Wellness Centre, kitchen, laundry, homework center, trade and music shops, a cultural hall, administrative SMCHopewwTTblock, (and up to 1980, the manger's residence) constitutes the physical infrastructure of the home. In, 2008, two new buildings were constructed by the United States Army.

As a follow-up to this we are planning a Christmas celebration and additional fundraising efforts to make this year's Christmas special for some very deserving children. We have invited His Excellency, Ambassador John L. Estrada to participate, along with other organizations like the University of West Indies St. Augustine and local artists who have willingly donated their talent to make this event incredible.

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