Springfield Church Finds Leaders through DT "Ministry Search" Featured

Friday, 14 June 2013 14:11
SpriFiedlILLThe Springfield Church of Christ eagerly awaits the arrival of some new leadership in the coming weeks.  Steve and Rebecca Wormer have felt the call to serve in the full-time ministry for the past several years.  They have been raised up and trained as a part of the congregation in Nashville, Tennessee. 
SCOC2013.9140141As faithful disciples since 2004, they have grown along with the church there and developed a stellar reputation for being warm and loving, filled with deep conviction and a heart to serve. They are regular readers of the news on Disciples Today and in January they saw the story about the need for help in the Springfield, Illinois Church of Christ.  The following morning, they replied to seek out what God's plan might be in this situation. 

Our goal here in Springfield was to have a transition that was patient and unifying to both our local congregation, but more importantly for the Kingdom of God as a whole.  The current leaders, Damon and Ivy Brog, have agreed to take the lead ministry position in the Fox Valley Church of Christ (Green Bay/Appleton, WI), but only after the Springfield Church and its members found a couple that they felt great about.  This was only possible because the brothers and sisters in the FVCC have a great faith in God and a love for their "sister churches."  They have shared the load these past six months waiting patiently for God to work things out in his timing. 

The Springfield Church, with the help of the other Midwest churches and Disciples Today, had the opportunity to "cast a wide net" as they sought out new leaders.  In total, five couples had expressed interest in serving the church in Springfield full-time.  Of those five, three were from outside the Midwest and learned of the need through Disciples Today.  The process led us to form a search council, which was very unifying for us, then that council set some goals which were a real blessing and a sign of growth in maturity. Next came the resumes and a round of interviews via Skype.  The group deliberated in prayer consistently and narrowed the search down to two candidates and their families, who came in for weekend visits and strengthened the church in Springfield with their love for God and his word.  Lifelong relationships and connections were built with each of those couples through this process. 

Finally, the search council asked one of those couples to return for another weekend visit with the church. There was much fellowship and the entire church was able to engage in a meal together and a time for godly discussion about the future.  Later that week the search council made the decision to offer the job to the Wormer family, with their three children.  The past month has been a time of transitioning as they prepare to move to the Land of Lincoln, and the current leaders of the Springfield Church have made arrangements to take up the Lord's work in Wisconsin. 

God has certainly used technology and the Disciples Today "portal of unity" to create a very unifying transition.  The church leadership in Nashville has been so gracious and made themselves so very available to the church in Springfield, which in turn has made a great connection with the church in the Fox Valley.  This is how it should be. God is glorified and transition has brought us closer together.  After a couple of weeks of "overlap" with both the Wormers and the Brogs, the Springfield Church will have turned the page to a new chapter, and its sister churches in Fox Valley and in Nashville will be a strong part of it.  Thank the Lord and thanks to those he has used at Disciples Today to make this all happen for His glory.

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