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Friday, 01 August 2014 08:46

The Greater Nashville Church of Christ is excited to welcome two new staff couples! Kendall and Mackenzie Albert from the North River Church of Christ moved in June to start leading the campus ministry, and Titus and Shayla Waleo from the Greater Hartford Church recently came to lead the youth and family ministry.

AlbertsKendall and Makenzie Albert

In June, the Nashville Church was delighted to welcome our new campus ministry leaders, Kendall and Makenzie Albert. Since moving here from the North River Church in Atlanta, this young couple has already captured many of our hearts. They have quickly formed relationships with the disciples here, and they have proved that they already have a heart for our city.

According to Kendall, “Our dream is that within the next three years, there will be over 100 disciples spread across every university in the Nashville area. We want to see men and women become spiritual leaders in their community.”

The couple have been nurtured in their ministry desire through the influence of Christ, through great relationships and through experience. When asked about Jesus, Makenzie notes that “he impacted people from the moment he met them.” Three women who have been examples and mentors to her are Brittany Sherwood, Lin Beatty, and Kelly Brown. “Lin inspires me in the way she lives to love people and wants to change one woman's life at a time. I want to do the same,” says Mackenzie.

While at North River, Mackenzie was first an intern working with teens and then a women's campus ministry leader. Kendall was a men's campus ministry leader. During his time working with disciples at Kennesaw State College, their numbers grew from 12 to 72 disciples. He also trained others in leadership and ministry.

Alberts 3Kendall grew up in the church in St. Louis, the son of disciples Jim and Cindy Albert. “I began to get into the Scriptures in middle school,” he said, “and found out how much I needed God. After being humbled and seeing the depth of my sin, I decided to be baptized and to be added to God's kingdom on October 12, 2003.” Mackenzie was baptized in 2008.

Kendall and Makenzie met in a campus ministry. Kendall says, “We met at a community college in 2009, but we were not fond of each other. After three years, we became best friends and began to date. I learned that I couldn't live without her and married the love of my life in June 15, 2013.”

Kendall and Makenzie love board games, cars, being active, playing sports, and movies. If you like to play cards, too, be sure to ask Kendall about the game of Mao!

Walelos.01ATitus and Shayla Walelo

We are excited to welcome Titus and Shayla Walelo, our new youth and family ministry leaders, to the Greater Nashville Church. In the same way, they are encouraged by how God has guided them to us.

As Titus says, “One of the reasons God has brought us here is because we need the people of the Nashville Church, and they need us.” Shalya's dream for the youth and families of the Greater Nashville Church is “to bring unity to the ministry so that it is a family.” Similarly, Titus says that his desire is “to build a family in the ministry.”

Titus, who was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has been uniquely prepared to become work with our teens. His adolescent years were troubled, but Titus says, "the catalyst to my change was the love from my mother and how she constantly encouraged me to continue learning from what she taught me."

Later, in 2010, when Titus went on a mission team to Portland, Maine, evangelist Glenn Petruzzi suggested that Titus consider working with youth and family. He was also encouraged in this dream by Tim Blake, the evangelist in the Greater Hartford Church of Christ. When Tim saw the Ministry Search post on Disciples Today that the Greater Nashville church was seeking a couple for this position, he sent Titus the link that led to the connection. Titus is grateful for the men who believed that the Lord could work for good in his life.

It was Shayla who reached out to Titus on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University and introduced him to the brothers who would teach him about Jesus. Tim Blake was the man who studied the Scriptures with him. Shayla, who was born in Texas but grew up in Connecticut, became a disciple there in 2007. Titus was baptized into Christ in 2009. The couple fell in love and married on July 13, 2013.

Walelos.02Just as Titus had brothers who encouraged him in discipleship and ministry, Shayla is grateful for sisters who have had an impact in her life. Samenthur Blake was instrumental in her conversion and baptism and has been a close friend ever since. Rose Baujour is the woman who discipled and mentored her.

Two of Titus' favorite books are The Prideful Soul's Guide to Humility by Tom Jones and Mike Fontenot and This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. Shayla enjoys Secure in Heart by Robin Weidner, Just Like Jesus by Max Lucado, Trusting God Even when Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges, and from Selfish to Selfless.

Shayla has a master's degree in public health nutrition, and she has an interest in healthy cooking and eating. She also enjoys scrapbooking and crafts. “I like trying new foods and new activities,” she says.

Titus takes part in sports, including basketball. He also likes to play soccer on PS 4. Both Shayla and Titus enjoy hiking. When asked if there was one thing that the Walelos would like the church here to know about them, Titus responded, “Both my wife and I try to be as relatable as possible. We have an open door policy, and we invite anyone who is in the area to stop on by.”

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