Ryan and Sue Burchfield to Lead Sarasota, Florida Planting in 2015

Friday, 21 November 2014 23:15

burchfieldOur leadership search began twelve months ago with a Disciples Today Ministry Search announcement. We are thrilled to say our prayers have been answered!

Ryan and Sue Burchfield from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Campus Ministry have been selected to be the lead ministry couple for the Sarasota Church of Christ in 2015.

Ryan and Sue have been trained by CJ and Sheree Wakefield in the Knoxville Church. They have been very effective at reaching out with love and boldness. Their friends, Lorenzo and Jessi Woods from the Tampa Bay Church, encouraged them to step out on faith and apply for the lead ministry couple position. The rest is history!

The Burchfields were not raised in the church but were both reached out to on the UT campus. They were baptized in 2000 (Ryan) and 2003 (Sue) and were married in 2005. They have two beautiful daughters, Riley and Evelyn. We are encouraged that these two 32-year-olds are demonstrating such zeal for God’s kingdom. Ryan is a strong example of discipline, hard work and a deep relationship with God. Sue radiates a natural, expressive affection for people and Jesus. Together, they lead their family and their friends to live lives worthy of a great God. We are eager to see them change the destiny of many on the Gulf Coast.

The Sarasota church is still looking for team members. Please visit www.sarasotaplanting.org for more details.

To God be the glory and honor.

Tampa Bay Church - Leadership Team
Sarasota Church of Christ  - Mission Team

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