Daytona, Florida Church Seeks Ministry Staff Featured

Friday, 05 December 2014 11:01

The Daytona Church of Christ, planted in 2010, is excited to announce its next chapter, and is now interviewing for a ministry staff or couple to come join its church family of 33 committed and loving disciples. The successful applicant/s will have the opportunity to be mentored by heroes in the faith who are seeking their “Joshua.” With five colleges and universities in the area, we are seeking candidates who have a heart for campus ministries and who have dreamed of evangelizing fields ripe for harvest. With a vibrant children’s ministry, campus ministry, young families, and mature disciples making up the church, the successful applicant/s will have the opportunity to grow in multiple leadership roles. Please send a letter of interest and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Qualifications and Characteristics:

The Daytona Church of Christ seeks a candidate/couple who will embrace ministering to all members by building strong relationships, leading by example, and cultivating a culture of dynamic personal and evangelistic commitment to the Great Commission. This includes spending time training, discipling, encouraging, counseling, and practicing hospitality, with a dedicated interest in cultivating a strong campus ministry in addition to taking part in other ministerial duties to include preaching on Sundays and teaching on Midweeks. The ideal candidate will have the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Prior leadership experience with a demonstrated history of effectively growing healthy church ministries.
  • Graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher and received ministry training through on the job experience, internships, schools of ministry or mentoring programs.
  • Youthful and able to inspire, teach and lead campus students and grow this ministry through strengthening the present disciples, converting new campus disciples and attracting high school graduates to attend Daytona area colleges and universities.
  • Able to effectively preach and teach God’s word in sermons, classes, small groups and one-on-one or is open to coaching and training to take on these responsibilities fully and effectively within one year of serving.
  • If a couple, has the capacity to supplement available full-time salary for one staff member with the ability to generate enough income to comfortably care for their family. Ability to generate or cultivate financial support for the Daytona Church of Christ a plus.
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop plans that achieve goals across the various ministries of the church including the Cedars/Mature, Singles, Kingdom Kids, Campus, Marrieds/Families.
  • Ability to perform various administrative functions including working with budgets, presentation software, and utilizing various communication channels and technology to effectively reach members and target audiences.
  • Committed to personal spiritual growth through prayer, personal Bible study and continuing academic study.
  • Committed to ongoing training through one another relationships with shepherds within the Daytona Church of Christ as well as through developing strong mentoring relationships within sister Florida churches.
  • Committed to strong personal marriage and family leadership
  • Committed to working arm-in-arm with the existing leadership of the church
  • Committed to unity among our family of churches, locally and internationally
  • Committed to demonstrate and cultivate openness, humility, and vulnerability

We are so grateful for your partnership in the gospel and this will help us continue to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Daytona Church of Christ

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