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Thursday, 19 May 2016 07:53

The Yang familyOver the course of the last year and a half, the Atlanta Church of Christ in Gwinnett (ACOCG) has seen a complete change of full-time ministry staff, and we’d like to introduce you to our three leadership couples (and their families): John and Mee Mua Yang, campus ministry leaders since May 2015; Tony and Joelecia King, youth and family ministry leaders since January 2016; and Steve and Carol Mukenya, lead evangelist and women’s ministry leaders since February 2016.

John and Mee Mua Yang (pictured at right) were born in Laos, and moved to the U.S. while very young. Converted in different campus ministries in Georgia, John and Mee Mua went to Bangkok, Thailand to train for the planting of Laos. For various reasons, the door was not opened for them at that time. Shortly before their return to the States, John and Mee Mua began dating, and throughout their dating and newlywed years, served in the teen, campus, single and married ministries.

The Yangs worked in secular jobs, but over time they began thinking about returning to the ministry. When the ACOCG campus ministry position opened up last year, they were surprised when one of the elders asked them if they would consider leading in that capacity, but they were ready; as Mee Mua says, “God has been shaping us for 20 years—from our first ministry experience—for this.” They’re excited to be a part of raising up the next generation of leaders!

The King familyTony and Joelecia King (pictured at right) came to ACOCG from the Columbia church of Christ. Tony was born in New York but raised mostly in the South, while Joelecia grew up in Florida. Both were converted in the singles and built a good friendship serving together at events—then as they dated and married, led single and married ministries.

After 2003, the Kings served in congregations across Florida before moving to Columbia in 2014. They investigated openings in their own and other congregations, searching for how God was calling them to serve.

Then at last year’s SEC in Greenville, Tony and Joe heard by word of mouth about the youth and family ministry opening at ACOCG. As Tony says, “God made it completely obvious—He kept opening doors for Atlanta!” They accepted the position in December 2015, and quickly moved their family to Gwinnett, where they’ve been settling in and helping teens get close to God!

The Mukenyas (pictured below) are originally from Kenya. Both converted in campus ministries, they met in the Nairobi church; when he and Carol led a sector together, they formed a strong partnership, which grew from friendship to love and marriage. With a growing conviction that they and the congregation they served needed change, in 2005 they began praying for God to show them His will and where He wanted them to go. When months and years passed with no open doors, they realized that God was teaching them huge lessons in trusting him.

The Mukenya familySteve heard about the opening at ACOCG just days after reaching a point of utter surrender to God’s will. He found our ministry ad on Disciples Today, and saw at once how the position here would provide what we and they needed. He applied, then they visited Atlanta, where it became clear that this was God’s open door at last.

God used the seven months all the government paperwork took to prepare everyone, and has worked in every aspect of the Mukenyas’ journey! They bring to ACOCG a passion for building family, counseling and inspiring people, and seeing them grow spiritually.

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