Anchorage, Alaska Church Seeks to Fill Women's Ministry Position

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 17:40

The Great Land Christian Church of Anchorage, Alaska seeks to fill a general women's ministry position for a younger single woman who is willing to provide support in every demographic ministry of the church.


A qualified candidate must have:

  • a minimum of one year of ministry experience with proven effectiveness in making disciples
  • a willingness to work with every ministry in the church as needs dictate
  • a teachable attitude and a heart to learn and adapt
  • a heart for serving those in need
  • great work ethic
  • professional communication skills (written and oral)
  • the ability to weather the harsh Alaskan environment
  • a zeal to seek and save the lost

The Great Land Christian Church was planted in 1992 and has experienced, through God, almost a decade of consecutive, positive growth. We are a healthy, well-rounded family with approximately 180 members. The church has strong campus, singles, and marrieds ministries and an up-and-coming teen ministry. Our "style" of ministry is unique: blended ministries, intentional bridging across multiple demographics, and non-traditional strategies for growth and outreach.

Furthermore, our family is incredibly service-oriented and seeks to make a tangible impact in the communities in which we live. We demonstrate this through active community involvement, and particularly through the Gateway to the Arctic Camp, which is an agricultural camp that serves at-risk youth and the special needs population. This camp is operated by the church and serves to teach its participants about the time and hard work that it takes to get food from the ground to the table.

Anchorage, Alaska is the largest city in the country's largest state. Approximately 300,000 people call Anchorage home. It boasts incredible mountain views, a "big small city" feel, and some of the most diverse neighborhoods in the nation. It is home to two major universities. However, Alaska is an extreme place. For approximately six months of the year, Anchorage faces dark, cold winters with plenty of snowfall. Many struggle with depression and/or seasonal affective disorder. The right candidate must be mentally prepared for such harsh conditions. However, for three months each year, the opposite is true: long, sunny days that seem to never end!

Despite some of the challenging aspects of Alaskan life, there are many that faithfully call Anchorage home. And they need to hear about God's word! God has certainly blessed us and now, we want to continue to propel His church forward! We are excited to add to our ministry leadership team and to see how God will continue to build his church as we seek and save the lost in Alaska! If you are interested in this position, please contact Ray Nadon: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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