Manchester Church of Christ (UK) Seeks Lead Ministry Couple Featured

Friday, 21 April 2017 16:31

The Manchester Church of Christ is seeking a ministry couple to serve the church in the thriving city of Manchester, England.  The couple will be fully supported by the local leadership and will be part of the network of the UK and northern church staff.

The Manchester Church is a community on the cusp of great things. With a renewed vigor to foster an atmosphere of open discussion, develop maturity and both identify and employ God-given gifts, the church needs leaders to help articulate and realize a vision to serve the city. The members have wrestled to weather the storms in the last several years. They are eager to grow in depth, strength and numbers, and support a leadership couple whose heart is to do the same.

manchester UK churchWe are looking for a trained ministry couple with experience of faithfully growing healthy church ministries.  This couple will desire to give their hearts to Manchester and will be willing to commit to serving the church for at least three years.  Responsibilities include preaching and teaching and facilitating an inspiring program of church events.  The couple will work with the local leadership to strengthen  discipling relationships  and within small groups.  Also, the couple will work with the singles and married couples to deepen relationships and to effectively reach into our communities.  This position offers an amazing opportunity to lead and build with our talented teen and student ministries reaching out to the largest student population in Europe. 

The Manchester church has 90 members, mostly families and mature disciples with a growing teen ministry.  We have a close relationship with our sister church in Leeds. We worship in a fully equipped building which is owned by the Manchester church and allows us to host church, community and HOPEww events.  The staff positions in the Manchester church will have an extensive support network. This network consists of the local leadership team, strong links with the northern church leaders in Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the UK-wide ministry staff, the London church eldership and the official UK-wide trusteeship.

The population of Greater Manchester is 2.7 million with the largest student population in Europe.  The city of Manchester is culturally rich and diverse, the second home of the BBC and proud of its music and sporting excellence.  Of course, the city hosts two of the premiership’s top football teams – Manchester United and Manchester City.  Manchester is surrounded by stunning countryside and is a couple of hours drive from the quintessentially English Lake District.  Connections are excellent, two and a half hours on the train to London and to Scotland and one hour to Birmingham. 

If you would like to discuss this opportunity, please send an email to arrange a discussion with Archie Kendall to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or if you would like to send in an application, please submit a cover letter, CV/resume and references.

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