Newest OYC Site: Perth, Australia Featured

Thursday, 07 December 2017 09:19

This week we welcome our newest site: Perth, the capital city of Western Australia!
oyc perth

The city is a vibrant city famous for its picture-perfect beaches, exotic wineries and expansive parklands. It is also the sunniest capital city in the world, with a population of 2.1 million people.

There is a tremendous need for workers to be sent out into the harvest field here. The Perth church wants single men and women who are rooted in the Word and eager to be trained to come and help. You'll be sent into a mission field of over 130,000 university students. You'll revitalize the singles ministry.

Learn more at the One Year Challenge website.

The OYC Guys begin a new series: Reasons to Go Early. In this episode they talk about the first reason — languages are hard to learn! Going early will give you more time to adapt to the culture and learn the language, and will ultimately make you a more effective missionary. 

New Content on the One Year Challenge Blog:

Sacrificing Your Desires for God's Desire God speaks through our desires. We often call these desires, "calling", but really they are ambitions and hopes that we have. Our desires may indeed come from God, but we need to be careful when we dress our desires as spiritual desires. A big hindrance against people going on the mission, is not a lack of desires, but other distracting desires that look spiritual or good.

Things in Common with the First Century Christians If we feel rejected by our culture as strange or different, we can remember the first Christians felt the same way. Despite this, they eventually changed the Roman Empire. We can change our world too.

"Faithfulness is Continuing in the Right Things" God is working even when the harvest doesn't seem plentiful. Instead of changing our strategy or giving up, Jacob Taube encourages us to heed the call of faithfulness when things don't seem to go our way on the mission field.

Great Images: The Book of James Check out this infographic summarizing the book of James in the Bible.

What We're Reading Today From Brothers, We Are Not Professionals: "Missions comes from being satisfied with all that God is for us in Christ and aims at helping others be satisfied with all that God is for them in Christ." Each week we post a selection from a book disciples who are considering going on a One Year Challenge could read as part of their preparation.

Monday Music: Songs from OYC Sites Around the World This week's Monday Music is made in tribute to all of our international OYC sites. Aside from Australia, we also have great sites in China, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Bolivia and Haiti.

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