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Friday, 22 December 2017 10:02

This week, the OYC Guys present you a special episode: The Best Christmas Gift. Why does being on a One Year Challenge during Christmas make the holiday special? During Christmas, disciples get to give to people who have not heard of Jesus a chance to hear the Gospel message.
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In this episode, The OYC Guys share what it means to be on a One Year Challenge during this special time of the year.

New Content on the One Year Challenge Blog:

The Best Christmas Gift: What is the true meaning of Christmas? Family, relationships, selflessness? While all these things contain a small part of the true meaning of Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas is found in the Bible. Surprisingly, it is found in Jesus' own "One Year Challenge".

The Need for Cross-Cultural Church Planters There's a need for cross-cultural church planters around the world. Cross-cultural church planters must possess cross-cultural agility.

Young Heroes, Young Church Planters It was once said that the mark of a successful church is it's sending capacity, not seating capacity. Young christian leaders in North America are starting to see this too. They are defining heroism and success in these terms.

Great Images: Galatians Check out this infographic summarizing the book of Galatians!

What We're Reading Today From Brothers, We're Not Professionals: "A broken, leaping heart will love like Jesus. And the power of the love will be proportionate to the felt fearfulness of our nearness to destruction. The keener the memory of our awful rescue, the more naturally we pity those in a similar plight. The more deeply we feel how undeserved and free was the grace that plucked us from the flames, the freer will be our benevolence to sinners." Each week we post a selection from a book disciples considering going on a One Year Challenge could read as part of their preparation.

Monday Music: Songs from OYC Sites Around the World This week's Monday Music is made in tribute to all our campus OYC sites. We have sites in Pennsylvania, Alabama, West Virginia, Washington, North Carolina and Oregon.

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