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Will 2018 Be the Year of Your OYC? Featured

Friday, 29 December 2017 14:28

On Christmas Eve, many disciples on a One Year Challenge shared Christmas with friends who celebrated the holiday for the first time in their lives.
oyc xmas eve

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, disciples at this One Year Challenge site organized activities to prepare for Christmas together with new friends. They taught them how to make their own stockings, sing Christmas songs and even decorate Christmas cookies. The weekly preparations finally culminated in special Christmas Eve events, where disciples hosted games, led songs, and helped their friends reflect on the significance of Christmas and the impact Jesus had in coming to this world.In ten events across three cities at this OYC, dozens of friends were introduced to the one born Emmanuel, "God with us."

Being away from home during Christmas is difficult. Instead of feeling down, these disciples decided to selflessly share their Christmas Eve with friends in places where so many still don't know who Jesus really is, "God with us." What a great gift to give at Christmas!

oyc emmanuel

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