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by Thursday, 18 February 2016 09:21

"UnBoxed" Conference in Orlando, April 21-23

We are convinced that there are many new and fresh ideas that would increase Christian outreach and ministry effectiveness, but may never be fleshed out because they are “not the way we have always done things.” We want to create an environment to share ideas – an experimental breeding ground if you will – to bring those great ideas out in the open. Our conviction is that while Jesus is perfect, we have not perfected the ways to do “ministry” – nor will we ever – but we ought to continue to grow in our abilities, and learn to accomplish Jesus’ purposes in every way that we can. 

by Tuesday, 04 August 2015 13:50

Jacksonville Church Appoints 3 New Elders

On May 31, 2015, the Jacksonville Church of Christ officially added three new elders to join Randy Henderson in the eldership. George Hart, Lee Hicks, and Frankie Len have spent the past two years getting to know people in the congregation.

by Friday, 24 July 2015 09:53

"I Choose Us" Facilitator Workshop in Florida this Fall

What:  "I Choose Us" marriage workshop facilitator training

by Wednesday, 17 June 2015 13:21

Florida Discipleship Conference "Rise" July 3-5

The Florida churches are excited to gather soon for the Florida Discipleship Conference in Orlando. Guest speakers John and Barri Lusk and Wade and Deb Cook from Colorado highlight the program. Specific tracks are planned for singles, marrieds, teens, and middle schoolers, along with a Kids Carnival. 

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by Friday, 30 January 2015 08:17

Brad Bynum Wake & Memorial Service Information

Brad Bynum, a dearly loved brother who served in the ministry for many years, passed away on Sunday, January 25, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. His wake is tonight, January 30, in Fort Walton Beach, and his funeral service will be held tomorrow, January 31 at 2:00 pm. in Destin, Florida.

For more information, and to share condolonces with his family, please visit the Brad Bynum Memorial Page.

by Thursday, 20 November 2014 11:30

Campus Disciple Saved by Library Books in FSU Shooting

There has been a shooting on the campus of Florida State University. It happened just after midnight at the Strozier Library. Three people were injured, one critically. The gunman has been killed. All of the students in our campus ministry at Capital City Church of Christ and at Crossway Church have been contacted and all are fine. Please keep the victims, their families and the students of FSU in your prayers.

by Tuesday, 01 July 2014 14:13

Orlando Church of Chirst Celebrates 35th Anniversary

The Orlando Church of Christ in Orlando, Florida is currently celebrating its 35th Anniversary.  

by Friday, 25 April 2014 06:41

Haitian Flag Day Service hosted by South Florida Church

The South Florida Church of Christ is having a Haitian Flag Day Celebration on May 18, 2014. This will be a special worship service in Creole and French. Disciples of from the three major regions of the Church; Dade, Broward and Palm Beach will gather to worship.

by Wednesday, 09 October 2013 10:29

"Tried and True" Group Remembers God's Wonders

Remember the wonders He has done, his miracles, and the judgments He pronounced" - 1 Chronicles 16:12

We have a group in our church called TNT, the Tried and True!
by Wednesday, 24 July 2013 09:18

"Compelling Grace" Preached at FDC 2013

Every conference takes on its own unique personality as a result of timing, attendees, speakers and the theme. FDC 2013 was truly a unique experience from beginning to end. The combination of our theme, “Compelling Grace,” Scott Green’s refreshing perspective and Sam Laing’s deep study and personal experience combined to give us a special perspective on this precious gift of God’s grace.

From the beginning the worship of God was a transcendent experience, and the Holy Spirit moved powerfully through the musicians, singers and musical directors to lead us closer to God.  With the moment set, Scott Green took us to a deeper perspective on God’s grace that left us feeling like we had just had a personal moment with God. On Saturday, Sam Laing gave us a very deep, wonderfully rich and up-close encounter of the greatness, majesty and personal focus of God’s grace to each of us. 

The classes throughout Saturday met a variety of needs and the play on Saturday night gave us a stark portrait of both the pain of sin and the wonderful power of God’s grace.  What made for such a grand time was the coinciding 2013 ICMC East Conference “Bent on Conquest”!  We took a conference that was already special and injected it with over 1,500 fired up campus disciples for a spectacular Sunday worship of over 4,000!

Even more was the serving spirit of all the disciples that came together to make both events so special.  A heartfelt thanks to the campus students who volunteered to man our “Kid’s Day” and care for over 200 kids so their parents could attend Sam Laing’s exposition on grace and the first of our classes, knowing their kids were having a spiritual day of fun as well.

We would like to offer you a taste of this wonderful experience. Just visit our website ( and listen to the lessons, especially the keynote ones on grace. They are a feast for the soul. God is very good and our FDC 2013 was evidence of God’s grace… and to God be the glory!

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