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Wednesday, 22 May 2013 20:45
On March 16, 2012, at Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts, Kara Heretakis invited a friend out to a St. Patrick’s Day party happening on campus that night. Her friend, Nick Rosenbaum, politely turned her down and instead invited her out to a Bible talk on campus. Unknown to Nick and Kara, God would use this one invitation to reconcile a whole family back to him. As they began an ongoing conversation about God and faith, Kara realized that Nick’s beliefs sounded familiar.

Kara baptismKara’s parents, John and Charlene Heratakis, were disciples in the Boston Church in the eighties. A business opportunity appeared for John in northern Maine, and he moved his family four and a half hours away from Boston. Although they tried to stay connected to their relationships in Boston, and even frequently made the road trip down to church, they eventually stopped going, lost touch with disciples, and stopped practicing their faith.

Over fifteen years later, one of their four children, Kara, was a junior at college in Boston. When Kara and Nick began talking about faith last spring, Kara shared their conversations with her her mom. Charlene suggested that it sounded like the Boston Church of Christ and encouraged her to check it out. On April 19, 2012, Kara went to church for the first time. She realized this was the same church her parents used to be a part of and the same church her mother used to drive 4.5 hours to from Maine. She was eager to learn about God for herself and began to study the Bible with the campus ministry. Although she only had a couple of weeks left at school, she studied frequently. The sisters told her there was a new church in Portland. As soon as Kara went home to Maine for the summer, she told her parents about the church. Her first Sunday at home, she and her mom made the 2.5 hour drive down to Portland to attend the Casco Bay Church of Christ. This would be the first of many trips to Portland for their family.

Kara was baptized on July 15 and enjoyed a summer being with the campus ministry in Portland. She continued bringing her parents to church with her, and when she went back to Boston for her senior year of college, her parents kept coming to church. Charlene shared that the changes Kara made challenged she and John to straighten out their lives. They began to get to know families in the church and eventually began to study the Bible. After several months of conversations and studies, John and Charlene made the commitment to come back to Christ and were restored to the fellowship on April 28, 2013. 

John restoration Charlene restoration

In his restoration letter, John shared, “My commitment to the church is next time I move, I will make sure of my priorities and that there will be a strong, discipling church in that place with the relationships that I need to stay strong, because, “What good is inheriting the world if you lose your soul?”” Charlene shared, “My commitment to God and His Church is to be whoever, wherever, whenever, however and whatever God wants me to be without conditions and without my selfish, foolish fears...I’m committed to helping the family of God grow in Maine and I’m committed to helping my family grow in God, and finally, I’m committed to being an equal partner in the gospel with my husband.” 

Praise God for his power to work through time and distance to bring people back to him!

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