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by Monday, 05 December 2016 12:44
Twaambo Chikoye is a single disciple in the Church in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa.  

He is also the church leader there. WHAAAT?  That's right - Twaambo has the privilege of leading a vibrant family of married, youth and single disciples to spread the gospel in his home country.  

Single brothers and sisters from around the U.S. traveled with S.U.R.G.E to Latin America. We went to encourage disciples at the “Conferencia Las Americas” and then to three different churches in three different countries. 

It was inspiring to see 18 single disciples using their faith, time, and resources to strengthen, encourage, and inspire our brothers and sisters in South America! It’s always cool to see the instant unity and connection that happens when brothers and sisters come on these trips.  

The ACR Singles LeaderSHIFT Weekend 2016 was a great success! One hundred and fifty people participated in a great weekend of fellowship, learning, and inspiration. Disciples traveled from all across the ACR Region (Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia) to attend. Others traveled from as far as Denver, Colorado, NYC and the Bahamas!  

A few weeks ago, 88 disciples and their friends and family ascended Mt. Rainier, the Pacific Northwest's iconic active volcano, to spend the weekend together at Cougar Rock Campground. The group, comprised mainly of single disciples from various ministries in the region, came from six states (Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah, California and Colorado) as well as British Columbia, Canada, to worship God together.

Single again at 41, Troy (Gainesville, Florida) wasn’t sure how to go about dating in the church. Although he was hesitant to try DT Heart & Soul, he was quickly impressed with the sisters on the site, especially one: Liz from Maryland. Read their incredible story of faithfulness and surrender to God.

For some people, being single is exciting. For others, its lonely. For me, becoming single at the age of 41, it was scary.

What a season of love! In the last year, at least 21 couples have been married by God’s grace through DT Heart & Soul. We have now seen 43 weddings (and five babies!) in the last five years.

The singles in the East Africa churches want to not only survive in their Christianity but to thrive and live life to the full. They desire not just to hang in or hang out—and certainly not to hang up—but to stand out, stand up, stand strong and shine.

DT Heart & Soul had an incredible time at Reach2016, with over 400 singles showing up for speed dating! We held four rounds of speed dating on one side of the room, along with interactive games, ice-breakers, and fellowship on the other side. We had a blast, learned a lot, and look forward to the next time.

More than 100 disciples from singles ministries all across Texas came together in Austin, Texas on Memorial Day weekend for a special time of leadership training. It was the second year for the Leadershift event which kicked off with a time of powerful prayer under the stars.

Love is in the air at DT Heart & Soul! Four couples were married in April, setting a DTHS record of weddings in one month. Congratulations to the following couples! Read their stories here

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