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Written by  Monday, 05 December 2016 12:44
Twaambo Chikoye DTTwaambo Chikoye is a single disciple in the Church in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa.  

He is also the church leader there. WHAAAT?  That's right - Twaambo has the privilege of leading a vibrant family of married, youth and single disciples to spread the gospel in his home country.  

In this short interview with Mark Ottenweller, Twaambo shares about the inspiring journey to his current role. His is a story of one man who offered himself to be used in whatever capacity his Lord chose.  

Watch the brief video with Mark here.

Want to know more?  In Singleness and Christian Leadership, Twaambo speaks to Jon Sherwood about the real challenges, and incredible opportunities when leading spiritually as a single person.

Watch the full interview with Jon Sherwood here.

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