Persecution in Iraq as in the Book of Acts Featured

Monday, 18 August 2014 09:52

In 1996, the church started in Baghdad, Iraq. For a year and a half, the church grew rapidly in number as many were thirsty to know the truth and to be set free. Satan struck hard, though, and the leaders were imprisoned (one for four and a half months and the other for three full years) and the church was scattered.

christian persecution in iraqSixteen years later, the evil is still on the rise. The ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) are expanding quickly because they have a lot of money and guns. They are crucifying Christians and terrorizing the people to control the land. Christians and other minorities are given four choices: become Muslim, pay tax and abide to their strict rules, leave with only the clothes on their back, or the sword. Tens of thousands of Christians under the threat of death have fled their homes with nothing. The ISIS  took their homes, cars, possessions and even their wedding rings. The violence, hatred and cruelty are on the rise. Please pray for the scattered church we have there.

Pray for the three disciples we are in touch with. Pray for the Middle East so that  despite the hatred, the violence, and the cruelty, we can still show the love of Christ, that we can daily forgive those who do not know what they are doing and that we can still meet open people who are seeking God and the truth.

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