Be Bold for Spiritual Change: God Answers Prayers Featured

Written by  Jeanie Shaw -- Boston, MA, USA Wednesday, 15 March 2017 10:40

Praise God for his love and power on behalf of his daughters. On Tuesday, March 7, the sisters in our family of churches around the world joined together in a day of praying and fasting for unity, boldness, compassion, courage, clarity of our mission, and humility. The following day, International Women’s Day—as many women around the world were marching and protesting—our sisters were being bold for God. We know that God’s Spirit carries our prayers straight to the ears of our Father, and that his power and love will continue to work through us as we seek to take Jesus’ message of salvation, value, and purpose to everywoman.

New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia kicked off the day of prayer and fasting…as many were still experiencing the previous day. Sisters from every continent of the world (excluding Antarctica) expressed their heartfelt unity and passion in sharing this time together. Below is an inspiring sampling of comments from around the globe:

Our women’s ministry here in Penang, Malaysia will be joining the fasting and prayer on the 7th and 8th! Looking forward on how God will answer our prayers! Thank you for calling us higher into our prayers lives. Truly this is what we need!

C’est extraordinaire de voir et de comprendre la puissance de Dieu se manifester dans la vie des femmes qui se laissent conduire par Dieu. Ce bloc édifie ma foi et m’encourage à développer de la profondeur dans ma relation avec Dieu. Que Dieu vous bénisse et que cette initiative produise le résultat escompté. Je vous aime.

Translation: It is extraordinary to see and understand the power of God manifested in the lives of women who are led by God. This builds my faith and encourages me to develop depth in my relationship with God. God bless you and this initiative will produce the desired result. I love you.

Estou Muito Feliz por essa Oportunidade Que o Senhor nos Deu de Estarmos Todas Unidas nesse Propósito. Eu pesso que o Senhor nos Dê força e Coragem, porque não É facíl.
 Para Deus Vai a Glória, Amèm!

Translation: I am very happy for this opportunity that the Lord has given us to be united in this purpose. I pray that the Lord will give us strength and courage, because it is not easy. To God be the Glory, Amen!
be boldÉ sempre uma honra servir a Deus, e como mulher devemos fazer uso de cada oportunidade granjeada. ser usadas como seu instrumento a qualquer altura e engajada numa missão global com o objectivo de dar uma esperança nas lágrimas infindáveis de mulheres sem esperança, sem fé, sem rumo, onde para ela a luz está longe de ser alcançada.
Estou animada para ver o que Deus vai fazer no globo, e em Angola (Luanda) em particular!

Translation: It is always an honor to serve God, and as a woman we should make use of every opportunity gained—to be used as an instrument at any time and engaged in a global mission with the aim of giving hope to the endless tears of women without hope, without faith, without direction…where the light for her is far from being achieved. I'm excited to see what God is going to do on the globe, and in Angola (Luanda) in particular!

wooow Cant wait to see what God has in store for his people, I’m privileged to be part of this movement. Sisters we can do it. Kenya

Keep it coming sisters! from ICOC-Cebu, Philippines

--I am super excited and grateful for this opportunity. This is an answered prayer for me to be able to unite with my sister’s all around the world to pray and ask God to work in each and every one of our lives powerfully and other women around the world whom are in much need of him. Praying that we all can stay focused on the purpose and on what we are called to do. I also pray we’d be courageous, bold and fearless women to make the changes necessary in ourselves, and help and encourage others as well. Share the word and do his will all over the world. I pray for unity and that we love each other the way we are called to that we are able to show our love through compassion and action just like Jesus did.
Always remember that we are not alone. Praying for a spiritual change.

--My sisters here in our Milton, MA group and all over the world are in prayer for boldness in proclaiming the gospel to women in our families, our place of work, schools, the gym, and the shops. For God is going to do something in our day that we won’t believe, even if we were told. Habakkuk 1:5. – United States

Thank you, dear sisters! We support the cause here in Ukraine!

I have been waiting for this to get me started in the direction God wants me to go in, thank you – Canada

I’m very excited about being unified w/ my sisters worldwide & seeing what God will do. No doubt I believe that God is going to do great things, but the most important is to awaken my heart, and the heart of each of his servants. – South America

Thank you very much. We are glad to join from General Santos City, Philippines

I´m so happy to be part of this, thanks Jesus, thanks God! I already feel the power of unity!! For Him!!! From México

Irmas muito obrigada. Foi poderoso nos conectar hoje pelo Jejum e Oração. Amamos voces Isaías 58:3-9 – Brasil

Translation: Sisters, thank you so much. It was powerful to connect us today with Fasting and Prayer. We love you.

Thank you sisters. I am in Dubai

Merci pour l’initiative. Qu’est ce que Dieu ne ferait pas en nous voyant toutes unies pour accomplir sa volonté. Ma prière est que nous nous laissons transformées pour être des instruments efficaces entre les mains de notre concepteur Dieu. Je vous aime. Saisissons le rêve.

Translation: Thank you for the initiative. What God would not do by seeing us all united to fulfill His will.  My prayer is that we let ourselves be transformed to be effective instruments in the hands of our God designer. I love you. Let's seize the dream.

Looking forward to tomorrow. We the sisters in the Leicester church, England, UK are excited to join our sisters around the world in fasting and prayer tomorrow 7th March 2017, and to boldly step out in faith on International Women’s Day, 8th March. Thank you for starting this. We pray for many walls, which separate women from God, to be brought down.

Dear sisters it is great to be part of Lord Church.. Sisters here in Croatia are united in Christ, in prayer and fast with you all—so the Lord will send us all to help women around us to have peace with God

It’s Wednesday already in Australia and many women, from Campus to Elders in the church in Sydney, Australia are looking forward to stretching themselves in their faith and boldness today. So encouraged to know I am a part of a worldwide sisterhood who are all in this together.

We are more than inspired and are looking forward to being united in fasting and prayer on 7 March 2017.

We are sharing the inspirational messages with one another here in the city of Bulawayo,Zimbabwe. I pray that our unity of purpose will be strengthened from now on.

Sisters, we need each other.

May we, as one, continually share love of our Father with everywoman every day.


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